Pile of black and white playing cards with the text Cards Against Muggles.

Cards Against Humanity Meets Harry Potter in This Fanmade Card Game

It started when some seriously deranged geniuses decided to make Apples to Apples dirty, and call it Cards Against Humanity. Well, some Harry Potter fans have heard their calling, and have created a version of their own: Cards Against Muggles.




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The deck consists of 1300 inappropriate, offensive, and funny Harry Potter references. White cards include mildly disturbing images like “Dobby watching you while you sleep,” and, of course, real talk for Potter fans like, “Harry Potter whining like the little bitch he is.”



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Since the game is fanmade and unofficial, there’s no physical version you can buy. Instead, you’ll have to pick up the digital version, and print the cards out yourself. Time to find your nearest OfficeMax!


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