‘Cards Against Humanity’ Gets a Sci-Fi Twist

Creators of the wildly popular ‘Cards Against Humanity’ card game have just announced their new science fiction themed card pack! After the success of the fantasy themed card pack, it was a no brainer to continue making specialty versions of the traditional ever-so-slightly controversial card game.

One criticisms of the game, outside of the offensive nature of the cards, is the low brow humor considered easy to replicate. That may be true of the original game, but the new literary themed cards are observant, intelligent, and insanely funny. They are, however, still on the offensive side. If it’s not an issue for you, then these expansions are the best products to hit the board game scene since ‘Monopoly’.

The expansions are not just made by the original creators: The ‘Cards Against Humanity’ company recruited established writers to make contributions. Some of the writers includ: Patrick Rothfuss, Deliah S. Dawson, Jim C. Hines, Martha Wells, Elizabeth Bear, and Myke Cole. 

On top of all this literary goodness, all the proceeds from the science fiction themed card pack will be donated to the Worldbuilders charity!