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Candace Bushnell Tackles #MeToo Issues in Upcoming Novel

As Women’s History Month winds down, HarperCollins released an announcement highlighting Candace Bushnell’s new (and exciting!) project. Known for her New York Times bestseller Sex and the City, Bushnell is taking a step back from adult fiction to write a Young Adult book focused on timely issues of the #MeToo era. She will be working with Katie Cotugno, New York Times bestselling author of romance novels How to Love and 99 Days.

Bushnell has been known for her sex-positive books, like The Carrie Diaries and Four Blondes, and so it will be interesting to see how she approaches the sensitive topic of sexual assault and harassment for young girls. Pairing with Katie Cotugno’s mastermind for “messy, complicated, feminist love stories” will definitely make the book oh so much sweeter.


Katie Cotugno with book 'Ten Days'

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The book, Rules for Being a Girl, is set to release in April 2020 and will follow a spirited high school girl, Marin. After one of her teachers makes a pass at her, Marin decides to place her anger into a column in the high school newspaper: ‘Rules for Being a Girl’. Though an official blurb is not yet available, we are officially in love with this forthcoming release! Lovers of Bushnell’s Sex and the City will once again find the spirit of columnist Carrie Bradshaw in our new heroine. What’s not to be excited about?

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