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Can Dany and Jon’s Relationship Get Any Weirder? This Fan Theory Says Yes

At this point, we all know Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen had a smokeshow of an incestuous final episode: Jon Snow’s heritage was revealed via voiceover while the audience got an eyeful of honestly one of the best butts I’ve ever seen. The newest Game of Thrones fan theory has been well-researched and essentially confirmed by George R. R. Martin. 


George R. R. Martin responding to the theory

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Lemon trees don’t grow in many places in Essos, but they do in Dorne. Already raised in exile after Robert’s Rebellion, one explanation for Dany’s false memory of living in Braavos could be that she’s been lied to. The girl is already growing up in exile, lying to her about where in the world she actually is seems excessive. So why bother?


The theory right now is that Daenerys Targaryen is actually Rhaegar’s daughter, not Aerys. Yup, you got it, that means our favs are actually brother and sister, not aunt and nephew.


The Lemon Tree isn’t the only piece of evidence that the Nancy Drews of the Game of Thrones fandom have uncovered. In a post-season two interview with Vulture, Alfie Allen, who plays Theon Greyjoy, said: “You know, I asked [George] about who Jon Snow’s real parents were, and he told me. I can’t say who, but I can tell you that it involves a bit of a Luke Skywalker situation.” 


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Now I’m sure Allen didn’t mean to start an epic conspiracy, but I’m glad he did.


Also, I’d like to mention that Alfie Allen found this out by chance, only getting the opportunity to ask after George R. R. Martin had fan-girled over Allen’s famous sister: pop icon legend star Lily Allen.


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As it turns out, Allen’s metaphor is shockingly on point. Luke and Leia were separated, hidden away from the Empire with their own families, their own lives, just like Jon and Dany. As per the book, the pair were born 9 months apart, which if you’re paying attention is how long Ned Stark went MIA after the Tower of Joy. Which, by the way, is also in Dorne. 


If the theory is correct, each house got a child: Jon to the Starks and Dany to the Targaryens. Listen, this is what happens when you put two hotties in the same room and forget to mention that they’re brother and sister: a simultaneously smoking hot and super creepy love scene.


Speaking of Ned, remember back in season one when Robert wanted to assassinate Dany and Ned was like “dude, why?” The best reason Ned could give was that murdering a young girl was probably not the best idea, but fans have determined that his vehement protection of Dany is because he couldn’t stand to see Jon’s sister killed.


That’s not all: the Azor Ahai prophecy. Both Dany and Jon have been suggested to be the prince who was promised, Melisandre herself flip flopping between the pair (and others, RIP Stannis the Mannis). Consider it in Harry Potter terms: could’ve been Neville, could’ve been Harry. Whichever it is is irrelevant, just pick one already!!!


This theory is really catching wind with Game of Thrones fans, and I don’t blame them. It’s a very George R. R. Martin way to end the story.


Here’s how I like to imagine it goes down: in the scuffle to defeat the Night King the Red Keep will be destroyed in the dragons’ battle to the death, the Iron Throne will be reforged with two seats where Jon and Dany will rule side by side as lovers and siblings. I still haven’t decided if Dany will be sitting pretty and pregnant or have a smiling, bouncing ice blonde baby in her arms. I’m still betting on Dany dying in childbirth à la Lyanna, because that seems like something Martin would do.


I guess we’ll see, won’t we?


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