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Buzzfeed and Amazon Team Up for Book Club!

Buzzfeed is working with Amazon on a Book Club deal ” in a bid to diversify its revenue” The Buzzfeed book club will launch in November and will be aligned with material that they release editorially. 


Business Insider reports that the Book Club will include “access to an exclusive newsletter and a closed Facebook group, essentially serving as a virtual book club, where members can discuss the book of the month and get access to events with authors. Members will receive exclusive discounts on the book of the month and other titles.” Thankfully there is no membership, as far as we know!



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Publishers will profit from consumer purchases that are made through the newsletter and social media outlets. The first book to feature in the book club is Family Trust by Kathy Wang.  Buzzfeed’s books editor, Arianna Rebolini says she believes the book club will be successful since fans are heavily involved, the newsletter already has 160,000 subscribers. 


Janet Levin, a managing director of Invention at Mindshare North America said “the big win will be if Amazon shares deeper audience data as part of the partnership. That’s something that Amazon’s partners would love, and it could help BuzzFeed build richer audience profiles.”



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Buzzfeed has been expanding its company in different ways by creating merchandise based on their content. The company devotes itself in celebrating diversity in many ways and we’re pretty sure the books featured in the book club will show all walks of life! 



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