'God of War'

Bust Out the Norse Mythology Books for the New God of War Video Game

For all you videogames buffs out there, and also mythology fans, you’ve basically just hit the jackpot. The new version of God of War games are taking on a new outlet of myths and tales and fans are excited pick up their PS4s.


'God of War'

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According to Newsweek, in a recent interview, Sony reps confirmed that the franchise will be moving into the world of Norse mythology. The first trilogy of the action-adventure game full of epic war scenes followed Greek mythology. This is when Kratos was seeking revenge against Ares, the Greek God of War, eventually moving onto Zeus. Now, Norse mythology, with history connecting to the swift Vikings will bring on brand new battles.


Sony Santa Monica’s Senior Community Strategist Andrew Kaufman discusses what players could expect as their characters delve deep into this powerful universe:


“We have ideas in our head where we want to go… Right now we know we want to stay in the Norse universe. We want to explore this relationship between a father and son, we know they have a very specific destination to get to. But we also know our fans are very savvy and smart. We wouldn’t just add atreus to God of War if it was just a one-off. This is a fundamental, big change and this being the beginning of Chapter 2, which allows Kratos to evolve, allows Atreus to come in as a new characters, as a new, vital and important character.”


Check out their interview below to see how the creators thought up the theme and inspiration. God of War is due to release on April 20th; start brushing up on your mythology books now!


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