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Bukowski’s Mangled Poems Are Back in Their True Form

The distinct German name is recognizable to many and his work stands alone in terms of original content and ideas. Charles Bukowski maintains a dark, rough, and human tone in his countless short stories, poems, plays, and books. Has it ever been too much for people? Maybe. Do we need more of it? Absolutely.


Charles Bukowski

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Some of Bukowski’s poetry was published after his death, but readers were robbed of the writer’s true words. Scholar and author, Abel Debritto, has conducted endless amounts of research on the writer’s work and untouched manuscripts and came to discover some poor editing work. His poetic voice was noticeably different when he was alive compared to his posthumously edited work.


A 1992 poem originally titled “stone tiger, frozen sea” was changed to “like a dolphin,” with only two of Bukowski’s own words left. “Some of the changes are so awful, it’s almost embarrassing,” Debritto explains. How could the author’s own voice be edited right out of his writing? Well, thanks to Debritto, we’ve got it back.


Abel Debritto

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The book of Bukowski’s poems, Storm for the Living and the Dead: Uncollected and Unpublished Poems, was released Tuesday and Debritto made sure it was all Bukowski’s true words. It could even be the most genuine collection of his work in twenty-five years.


From the dirty thoughts, the harsh truths, and the persevering strength that Bukowski is known for, this book has it all. No matter how it comes across, it’s only him.


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