Laurence Fishburn, Steve Carrell and Bryan Cranston

Bryan Cranston and Steve Carell Team Up for this Tearjerker

Ever since the end of Breaking Bad, we’ll take our Bryan Cranston fixes wherever we can get ’em, whether it’s watching re-runs of Malcolm in the Middle, or seeking out new projects in which he’s involved. Well, we were only too delighted to stumble across news of his latest film, Last Flag Flying.



The movie, which is based on the novel of the same name by Daryll Ponicsan, follows three Vietnam veterans as they accompany one of their number to his son’s funeral. Steve Carrell and Laurence Fishburn co-star along with Cranston, and, we won’t lie, we both shed a little tear and had a little laugh at this heartwarming trailer. We can’t wait to watch the full thing when it’s released on November 3rd.


Richard Linklater, director of such classics as Dazed and Confused, the Before Sunrise films starring Ethan Hawke, and Boyhood is directing what is sure to be another wonderful film to add to his repertoire. 


Featured Image Courtesy of NY Daily News