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Brooklyn Home to Annual Dirty Book Fair

New York is not one to blush at the topic of sex. From the Museum of Sex to the home of smutty book clubs, this city doesn’t bat an eye at the topic. That may be why it was the perfect spot for Brooklyn’s first annual Dirty Book Fair titled “Crushed.”



Spread from Tag Tag Tag Magazine


Spread from “Tag Tag Tag Magazine” via GreenPointers


Presented by Matte Magazine, the two-day event held at Greenpoint’s Point Green Studio had everything you could imagine at a dirty book fair. This event doubled as a gallery for naughty works of art, as well as zines and books that covered every square inch of the taboo topic, and we assume in a centerfold-style.


To Hyperallergic Mag, “Crushed” curator Matthew Leifheit says “I … believe people will come out to a fair that is specifically smutty. You could bring a Tinder date to the fair, for example, as a titillating prelude to dinner.”


Art by Heather Benjamin


Art by Heather Benjamin via GreenPointers


The organizers prepared the festival goers for excitement by stating “the fair will feature two small-scale exhibitions, a selection of publications and prints for sale, a program of performances and readings, live nude classical and jazz musicians, smutty film screenings, and an orgy after party.”


Feature courtesy of Unsplash