Brooklyn Beckham Published a Photography Book and It Isn’t Going Well

There is no shortage of entitled celebrity youth out there and the public won’t hesitate to call them out. Apparently Brooklyn Beckham is no exception.


Beckham, who is eighteen, released a debut photography book earlier this year, titled What I See. His 304 page book reportedly features various subjects,  from a family charity trip to Kenya, to a Kanye West concert, to selfies of the photographer himself, some of which he took at just fourteen.


Apparently selfies aren’t that inspiring anymore, because Beckham’s book has sold an underwhelming amount of copies since its release. What I See has reportedly sold just 3,890 copies in the U.K. and the reviews may offer us a hint as to why.


The book has just 10 reviews on Amazon, about half of which have awarded it 1-star. Here are some responses:



Ouch. In a surprise twist, social media users haven’t held back on their disappointment either, pointing out the sub-par captions and, em, interesting photography lighting. Other users satirized Beckham’s photographs and compared their own photo skills to the published author’s.








While the criticism of Beckham’s seemingly inexperienced photography skills may sound harsh…they are kind of true. Beckham perhaps unsurprisingly hadn’t been practicing photography very long before managing to get a book deal.


In an interview with W Magazine, Beckham said, “Penguin came to me two and a half years ago. I was really shocked and I couldn’t believe that they’d actually ask me to just yet, because I’d just kind of started.”



Beckham’s self-portrait | via Instagram (BrooklynBeckham)


Beckham has used social media to gain exposure, something millennials are all too familiar with. Though I would argue most social media users don’t exactly score book deals very easily, Beckham is an exception. “They actually first saw my work on Instagram, which has kind of helped—it’s where I post my photos and use my following to get my work out there, which I feel like is what most people nowadays do,” he said.


Of course, it wasn’t only Instagram that led to a book offer. Though photography is a fairly new endeavor for him, Beckham started his career with a bang. One of his earliest professional jobs was helping to shoot a Burberry Brit campaign when he was just sixteen years old. Unsurprisingly, his mother, fashion designer and former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham, has helped to secure opportunities.


“My mum really helps me with work stuff, and it’s fun. I’m going to do backstage photography at her next show, actually. And I actually really want to photograph her for one of her campaigns, which we’re talking about,” Beckham said.



Beckham’s nature photography seems to have improved | Via Instagram (BrooklynBeckham)


As many readers have pointed out, yes Beckham’s famous heritage was definitely a factor in a major publishing house offering him a book deal. But in his defense, who wouldn’t say yes! As a writer, if a huge…or small…publishing house offered me a book deal because they saw my work, I wouldn’t say “Oh, sorry I’m famous so it’s wrong to take advantage of this opportunity, even though I actively work hard to hone in on my skills.”


I cannot imagine that anyone would turn down the opportunity Beckham was offered. Yes, it is annoying that there are millions of photographers out there who have struggled to get their work seen on a larger platform and cannot use their parent’s status to further their career. But at the end of the day, it isn’t Beckham fault. Is he entitled? Perhaps. But regardless, he seems to have found a hobby, or possible profession, he likes and he shouldn’t get rejected by critics purely because he will have some advantages that others don’t.


His photography may not be perfect and he clearly has a lot to learn (as we all do in our respective interests), but at the age of eighteen he is a published author with over 3,000 copies of his work sold. While that may not be a large number in the publishing world, it’s still pretty impressive feat for an eighteen-year-old, and poor reviews will still not take away from that. (That’s what we’re going with.) 



Featured Image Via Instagram (Damon_Baker)/Instagram (BrooklynBeckham)