Ron Weasley and Harry Potter being served butterbeer

Bring the World of Harry Potter Home with Yuengling’s Butterbeer Flavored Ice Cream

If I asked you to think of your favorite things, what would your top three be? Of course, number one would be books. Numbers two and three would be Harry Potter and ice cream, right? Get ready for your mind to be blown. What if I told you there was a mixture of both those things? And what if I told you it is available all year round?




Rejoice! Yeungling’s introduced their new butterbeer flavored ice cream which can be bought for roughly four dollars a pint. The delectable desert is a butter cream and butterscotch ice cream with a butterscotch swirl. (Yes, it is alcohol free.) Yum yum yum.


Yuengling's Butterbeer ice cream pint

Image Via Yuenglings Ice Cream



You don’t need to use that summoning charm anymore when you’re craving the taste of butterbeer. It’s waiting for you at your local supermarket (United States), so what are you waiting for?


Feature Image Via Nerdist