Bring Back The Bedtime Story

As the world continues to transition to an increasingly paperless world, welcoming innovations such as the smartphone, and most recently, the tablet, one wonders what we may lose when it all goes digital. While paperless devices and mobile connectivity make life more efficient, save space and offer access to a more multifaceted worldview, what about doing simple things like reading books to your kids?

Bookstores have become more and more scarce as people have decided reading books online is a more efficient and simplified use of their time. But for children, storybooks provide much-needed time with their parents; pictures to engage and little life lessons that will help them drift off into blissful slumber. For parents, combining their professional, digital world with their home life is inevitable. But could online books actually change bedtime for the better for kids?

With books read online on a tablet, kids can see pictures increased in size. They can interact with the tablet by flipping the pages and once the book is completed, parents can download a new one. Imagine finishing one Harry Potter book and starting the next book in the series without having to run to the local bookstore.

While digital technology will continue to improve our lives, it will hopefully never take away from the special times with family and the highlights of childhood. But with digital technology improving all the time, maybe it can improve childhood memories as well.