Idris Elba will protect all

Brand New ‘The Dark Tower’ Trailer is Epic and Dark

Just when it seemed like the world could not take one more Stephen King adaptation, the trailer for The Dark Tower arrived on Wednesday.

Turns out, we’re able to handle this one.

Idris Elba is perfectly cast as Roland, who seems as rough around the edges as his Luther character, but clearly has a soft spot for saving the universe and whatnot. Meanwhile, the role of The Man in Black doesn’t seem like an obvious career pick for Matthew McConaughey, he is still ready to own the evil.

The movie – based on the entire series, but primarily on The Gunslinger – has been in development for over a decade and will be followed almost immediately by a television series featuring several of the film’s stars.

For now, fans of the series will get their Stephen King fix when the movie comes out on August 4, 2017.


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