Booze & Books(tr): Your Weekly Bookish Drinking Game: Fantasy Edition

It’s Thirsty Thursday, and Bookstr is bringing you Booze & Books, our newest weekly feature dedicated to drinking games and booze-book pairings. This week, we’ll be playing a fantasy drinking game—so if your fantasy is a glass of something strong, we think you’re going to like what happens next.

Rules: Imagine any work of fantasy, YA or otherwise. You might have more fun if you choose something that employs a lot of tropes*… but you’ll probably have fun either way! By the end of this game, these pages won’t be the only thing turnt.

Remember: drink responsibly and read voraciously!



Our protagonist is…


1. ‘Chosen’ or destined for some serious cataclysmic showdown…


"But I am the Chosen One."

Image Via DesignContest


…to save a world they previously knew nothing about…

…and is completely under-qualified for said task (sixteen, never held a sword, etc.)


2. Naturally gifted at an extremely useful skill…


D&D Elven Script

Image Via Obsidian Portal


Despite having no previous experience. (Let’s get real: if you studied Tolkien’s elven script for two straight weeks, you wouldn’t be fluent. More like you’d be asking directions to the bathroom and ordering lembas bread with all the dignity of a toddler.)


3. Conveniently related to a major-player in our fantasy world, whether they’re the child of nobility or the disregarded latchkey kid of our looming force of darkness…


Jame Campbell Bower as Jace Wayland

Image Via Edmonton Journal


…and doesn’t know it yet. (Don’t worry; it’ll come up at the most dramatic possible moment.)


Our Setting is…


1. Ambiguously Medieval-European…

…which serves little purpose except to populate the landscape with only white characters.


The Shire

Image Via Paste Magazine


2. Suspiciously lacking in technological progression over a long period of time. (We’re not talking iPhones, y’all. Even feudalism didn’t last for 1,000 years.)


Our Villain is…


1. A vanquished threat that has definitely gone away and would never come back for something as cheap as a plot twist!


Voldemort returns.

Image Via Youtube


2. Unabashedly evil—we’re not talking villains who think what they’re doing is right. This is more your ‘I want to end the world and don’t seem to understand it’s where I keep all my stuff’ sort of motivation.


3. Not just one unabashedly evil character but instead, an entire empire devoted specifically to wickedness. Like, can we talk about the mechanics of such a place? They have to have some sort of industry. What do they produce, blood? And you KNOW they’re not cashing in off the tourism industry. Is there some sort of evil hotel? Does that offer room service? We need answers.


Mordor, aforementioned evil empire

Shadow of War Wiki


Still with us?


We hope you had a fantas(tic) time, and we’ll see you next week!


*Here’s our disclaimer where we assure you we are aware that The Lord of the Rings, while it employs many of these tropes, doesn’t abuse them. In fact, it’s where a good amount of them come from. And, while our dear friend H. P. wasn’t the first Chosen One to exist, his story lead the way for the many that followed. Tropes aren’t inherently a bad thing—since they probably just got you absolutely hammered, we’d say they’re pretty great!


Featured Image Via Screen Rant.