Bookstr’s Weekend Lit Playlist, Vol. 6

Why, hello there! Didn’t think you’d see us out this early? We’re still playing catch-up on all the book news of the past week or so, but we’re not slacking off when it comes to curating the best music for you to listen to while you read it! This 90-minute mix is one of our best, if we do say so ourselves, and the articles that they’re connected to (see below) are second to none! Plug your phone into your speakers, and start the weekend early!


This week’s article/song match-ups:

“Heart of Gold” by Leyla McCalla – A song from a musician’s poetic, album-length tribute to Langston Hughes

“Manuscripts” by Steve Smyth – Kafka’s manuscripts (as well as other writings of his) finding a final home in Israel

“Speaking Softly” by BadBadNotGood – Kind of a misnomer? Regardless, you must watch this set of videos from spoken word poets you need to see

“Pure Imagination” by the Original London Cast of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – A sweet taste of the ever-impending Broadway arrival of the Roald Dahl adaptation

“The Art Teacher” by Rufus Wainwright – This song double-dips into writers that are also doubling as university professors and as artists

“Sleep In” by Telekinesis – That’s what your children will want to do once you lull them with these multi-sensory bedtime stories

“Made to Love” by John Legend – Much like the triumphant Mr. Legend, romance novels continue to dominate the market

“Playing Dead” by CHVRCHES – Though the title’s on-the-nose, it’s as enjoyable as Playing Dead author’s advice on faking your death 

“Hahaha, Pt. 1” by Kishi Bashi – Our survey of readers’ funniest books is just the beginning…

“America” by Neil Diamond – They’re coming! Courtesy of a publishing company that dares to bring translations of international books to America

“Drinking Again” by Frank Sinatra – Our favorite literature-themed bars and restaurants, plus an info-graphic on the science of “write drunk, edit sober

“Amy Amy Amy” by Amy Winehouse – For our full coverage of Amy Schumer’s book release, from her personal reading habits to her unsatisfactory response to a misogynistic writer

“The Future Does Not Require” by Conquering Animal Sound – a pessimistic, dystopic song that (we hope!) reflects the tone of the upcoming Brave New World adaptation on SyFy

“Know-How” by Kings of Convenience – Our write-up of the classic guide How to Read a Book

“Cartoon Heroes” by Aqua – Guilty pleasure much? Pour some morning cereal and read your cartoon character’s favorite books

“Before the Words” by My Brightest Diamond – Our writer Samuel O’brient lists off prequels to some famous books

“Online” by Gnarls Barkley – The brief but absolute joy in watching authors tweet

“Paragraph President” by Blackalicious – During his brief vacation last week, Obama followed up his own summer play-list with his reading list

“Fire” by Bruce Springsteen – The Boss’s book is booming in popularity before its September publication

“Waiting in Vain” by Bob Marley – We’ve got some advice on what to do when you’re waiting for a library book to arrive 

“Heading Home” by Julianna Barwick – A somber piece for the posthumous returning of a pair of prized antlers to the Hemingway estate

“So Long & Thanks for All the Fish” from the Hitchhikers’ Guide to the Galaxy soundtrack – A closing track dedicated to our podcast covering Douglas Adam’s finest satirical sci-fi


…and as always, if you’ve got a wordy little song you want included in the next mix, drop a comment or send a message! See you next week!



Featured image courtesy of Getty Images.