Bookstr’s Weekend Lit Playlist, Vol. 4

You feel that? It’s the pulse of the weekend, sooo close to being here! you’ve all been working hard, and you deserve a little treat. Ours for you? Our timely requiem for a well-worn week – a collection of songs, each corresponding to one of our top stories in some way. Some very directly, others just for fun. We hope you enjoy the songs, and check out what made us think of them in the space below. Want to go even further in our musical Wayback Machine? Check out our previous three playlists here, here, and here.


What’s on our playlist (and why):

“Anna” by Will Butler – The song that popped into our heads when we heard about Anna Ferris’s upcoming memoir

“Voldemort Can’t Stop the Rock!” by Harry and the Potters – It’s been a huge week in Wizarding, from HP’s birthday to the release and response to Cursed Child, and the announcement of it’s inevitable conclusion. Time for some wizard rock.

“Orion” by Metallica – A highlight from metal band’s breakthrough album, sure to be disucssed in their new book about their Master of Puppets years

“Latino & Proud” by DJ Raff – Maybe you’ve heard this one on Broad City, but it reminds us of the NYC bookstore that has become a haven for Latin American culture

“Lucky Man” by Courtney John – Get it? If not, read our piece on NFL superstar Andrew Luck’s newfound book club

“Words I Don’t Remember” by How to Dress Well – For the British woman who claims to have memorized the entire Harry Potter series, word-for-word

“Distraction #74” by The Avett Brothers – A funny little song for Adam Spera’s ruminations on maintaining a focus while reading in the ‘age of Netflix

“Twenty Years” by The Civil Wars – A moving piece to commemorate the 20th anniversary of A Game of Thrones’s publication

“A Lover’s Question, Pt. I” by David Linx, James Baldwin, and Pierre Von Dormael – James Baldwin’s words, set to music, for what would be Baldwin’s 92nd birthday

“Trying to Get Through” by the Who – Sigh…not sure if this helps, but here are some books we’re reading to cope with the political madness we’re experiencing

“Brazil (AKA Aquarela do Brazil)” by Antonio Carlos Jobim – A song by the godfather of Bossa Nova in celebration of the beginning of the Rio Games

“Stranger Things” by Local Natives – Done binging TV’s newest hit? Take a peek at our Stranger Things-inspired book recommendations

“Rich Girl” by Darryl Hall & John Oates – Well, you could’ve seen this one coming. The Girl on the Train author Paula Hawkins has risen into the ranks of the world’s richest authors

“The Distance” by Cake – For one community’s ambitious attempt to break the record for the world’s longest line of books

“Politics of Free” by Woods – A smooth soundtrack to Bookstr writer Will Floyd’s fretting over the meaning of quick-to-print political books

“Zombies” by Radiation City – For our look at the appearances of zombies in literature’s history

“Iambic 9 Poetry” by Squarepusher – An easygoing instrumental, perfect for reading books named after lines of poetry

“Shame” by Young Fathers – Adam Spera discusses the literary side of the Gay Shame movement


Featured image courtesy of Jak Kapan / Getty Images.