Bookstr’s Three-to-Read: Three Shades of Warmth for Autumn

Hello, book-lovers, welcome back! What I have for you are three different love stories in three different tones to get you happily through Fall—an edeavor which does not take much work for me, personally, since Autumn always comes at me with a surge of whatever the opposite of seasonal depression is.

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Calling all Nicholas Sparks fans! The Return is the story of injured Navy doctor Trevor Benson, who returns to his hometown in North Carolina and meets deputy sheriff Natalie Masterson, whom he feels an immediate connection to. Even as he has reason to believe she reciprocates his feelings, Natalie becomes unusually distant, leaving Trevor to wonder what kind of secrets she may guard. Moreover, Trevor comes across Callie, a somber teenage girl who might know a thing or two about his grandfather’s mysterious death. As Trevor seeks to unearth the town’s secrets, he learns throughout his journey that sometimes, in order to move forward, we must return to where it all began.

Anyone else a sucker for a good relationship story? Because since Nicholas Sparks has made a career out of pulling at our heartstrings, The Return can be no exception.

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This one is by Nick Hornby and it’s called Just Like You. Since our beach reads have turned into coffee shop reads, what better way to celebrate cuddle weather than a fuzzy, light, modern love story? Just Like You stars a refreshingly normal romantic lead: Lucy is forty-one, she’s divorced, and she is seeing her perfectly sensible life plan crumble before her. When twenty-two-year-old Joseph shows up behind the butcher counter, Lucy finds herself sinking into a romance that no one would have seen coming. Just Like You is full of heart, it’s tender, it’s really funny, and it’s the story that we all need about finding love in the least expected places.

Humor in the dating world is often half the battle, and I would argue that the same goes for the literary world. So, what does a funny story that is also a down-to-earth love story add up to? Exactly what your heart needs, that’s what.

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Follow Me Darkly, by Helen Hardt. This one is for the Fifty Shades fans! Skye Manning is a photographer who works as a personal assistant to social media influencer and hotel heiress Addison Ames. Skye recognizes she’s always been a bit of a control freak—until she met blue-collar billionaire Braden Black, that is (honestly, why is it always rich dudes?). Now she’s in the kind of relationship where Braden is in control and Skye finds herself unexpectedly enjoying it.

This is a scalding tale of obsession that is sure to keep you warm as we enter the cold months.

Stay bookish, folks, and happy reading!


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