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Bookstr’s Three to Read for This Week 9/4

Labor Day may have given some of us a day off, but for a lot of people, it’s just another day of work. But, it’s always important for everyone to kick back and unwind after a long day. So, here’s our top three reads for this week to help you forget about your problems and responsibilities!


For our Hot Pick this week, we have George R. R. Martin’s gorgeously rendered Nightflyers: The Illustrated Edition. In our Beach Read slot, we have Mark Greaney’s critically acclaimed, high octane adventure: Agent in Place. And lastly, our unique Dark Horse that you may not have heard about is The Burn Zone by Renee Linnel.



Our Hot Pick:

Nightflyers: The Illustrated Edition by George R. R. Martin



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Featuring fifteen original full-color illustrations, this is the definitive edition of an electrifying tale that combines the deep-space thrills of Alien, the psychological horror of The Shining, and, of course, the inimitable vision of George R. R. Martin.
When a scientific expedition is launched to study a mysterious alien race, the only ship available is the Nightflyer, a fully autonomous vessel manned by a single human. But Captain Royd Eris remains locked away, interacting with his passengers only as a disembodied voice—or a projected hologram no more substantial than a ghost.
Yet that’s not the only reason the ship seems haunted. The team’s telepath, Thale Lasamer, senses another presence aboard the Nightflyer—something dangerous, volatile, and alien. Captain Eris claims to know nothing about the elusive intruder, and when someone, or something, begins killing off the expedition’s members, he’s unable—or unwilling—to stem the bloody tide.
Only Melantha Jhirl, a genetically enhanced outcast with greater strength, stamina, and intelligence than other humans, has a chance of solving the mystery—and stopping the malevolent being that’s wiping out her shipmates.
But first she has to keep herself alive.




George R. R. Martin’s Nightflyers isn’t exactly a new release. He published the book originally in 1980. But, with the new SyFy series coming out, Martin’s book has been revamped with brand new illustrations. For the first time ever, fans of the older series may finally get to see their favorite story with complete and gorgeous renderings of their favorite, titular spaceship: Nightflyer. The novella is a must read for any fans of George R. R. Martin’s writings; which also makes it perfect for Game of Thrones fans who want to expand their horizons. Nightflyers will keep you hooked with each suspenseful twist and turn. Be prepared for a story of survival!



Our Beach Read:

Agent In Place by Mark Greaney 



Image via markgreaneybooks.com



From Mark Greaney, the New York Times bestselling author of Gunmetal Gray and the coauthor of Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan novels, comes a high-stakes thriller featuring the world’s most dangerous assassin: the Gray Man. Fresh off his first mission back with the CIA, Court Gentry secures what seems like a cut-and-dried contract job: A group of expats in Paris hires him to kidnap the mistress of Syrian dictator Ahmed Azzam to get intel that could destabilize Azzam’s regime. Court delivers Bianca Medina to the rebels, but his job doesn’t end there. She soon reveals that she has given birth to a son, the only heir to Azzam’s rule–and a potent threat to the Syrian president’s powerful wife. Now, to get Bianca’s cooperation, Court must bring her son out of Syria alive. With the clock ticking on Bianca’s life, he goes off the grid in a free-fire zone in the Middle East–and winds up in the right place at the right time to take a shot at bringing one of the most brutal dictatorships on earth to a close…



Agent In Place is the perfect Beach Read for a handful of reasons. First off, it will definitely make you forget about whatever may be on your mind by immersing you in the world of its protagonist, Court Gentry. Its intense action will make you visualize every moment just like an action movie as you read on. Then there’s the layered plot full of realistic drama; pulling you closer to these characters and their motivations. This is the perfect book to read in the sun and just melt completely into the story. Mark Greaney is well known as bestselling author, but also for taking over many of Tom Clancy’s projects after the famous action-author passed. And if you haven’t already checked them out, be sure to read through the rest of Mark Greaney’s Gray Man series.



Our Dark Horse:

The Burn Zone by Renee Linnell




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After seven years of faithfully following her spiritual teacher, Renee Linnell finally realized she was in a cult and had been severely brainwashed. But how did that happen to someone like her? She had graduated magna cum laude with a double degree. She had traveled to nearly fifty countries alone before she turned thirty-five. She was a surf model and a professional Argentine tango dancer. She had started five different companies and had an MBA from NYU. How could someone like her end up brainwashed and in a cult? 

The Burn Zone is an exploration of how we give up our power―how what started out as a need to heal from the loss of her parents and to understand the big questions in life could leave a young woman fighting for her sanity and her sense of self. In the years following her departure from the cult, Linnell struggled to reclaim herself, to stand in her truth, and to rebuild her life. And eventually, after battling depression and isolation, she found a way to come out the other side stronger than ever. Part inspirational story, part cautionary tale, this is a memoir for spiritual seekers and those who feel lost in a world that makes them feel less than perfect.



Linnell’s memoir is both parts brutally honest as it is completely heartwarming and much, much more. This week’s Dark Horse is indeed dark in some aspects and in some of the questions it forces us to ask ourselves. As you read on about Linnell’s struggles and deep reflections, you may very much find out more about yourself along the way. Being in a cult is never an easy thing, and yet it is always an interesting subject when we hear of the victim’s side of what was going on in the shady organization or more importantly, why someone would choose to enroll in once in the first place.