Bookstr Team’s Favorite Non-Toxic Book Boyfriends

Who’s your favorite book boyfriend? Is he sweet? Kind? Over-protective? Swears profusely? A bad boy? Or is he all of the above?!

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Our bookish boyfriends have our hearts always, and sometimes (most times), we wish they existed in real life. Let’s be real; fictional boyfriends are far more sweeter and always pull at our strings at the right moments more than the real deal. Bookstr decided to gather around and share our picks of who our (non-toxic) book boyfriends are. Here are our picks!

Kaz Brekker, Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

Kaz is my book-boyfriend favorite because he knew how to keep his friends’ eyes on the prize so the money could help them restart their lives. He showed strength in adverse moments and had a soft spot. While it was challenging to show this side of himself due to past instances, we could at least see inside his thoughts to know that he was trying to do right by his crew, especially Inej.

six of crows book cover

Six of Crows is about six teens led by Kaz on a mission to break out an individual who can turn Grisha into a weapon with a drug. Kaz and his misfit crew must pull a heist of sorts to break in–and out–of an impenetrable prison to do it.

Quiarah, Editorial

Dominic Russo, By a Thread by Lucy Score

Dominic is an extraordinarily caring man: One placed in a precarious situation after an incident within his mother’s fashion magazine company. His outward demeanor is a complete juxtaposition to that of his true character. In this book, the enemies-to-lovers relationship is a thing of beauty; he puts on a show of “disliking” Ally when, in reality, he’s innately drawn to her. His subtle ways of ensuring she’s provided for, protected, and cared for are amazingly sweet and charming. 

By a thread book cover black dress in the middle

Dominic Russo gets Ally fired from her part-time pizza server position after he’s had a particularly bad day. His mother steps in and gives her a job at their company. He’d love nothing more than to provide this backtalking, sassy woman the boot, but Mommy Dearest has forbidden it. Ally is struggling to repair the home she grew up in, which her father raised her in after her mother left them. While trying to pay for the nursing facility her Alzheimers-ridden father is in, repair the house, and keep herself fed, a grumpy rich man steps in and makes her life that much harder. But what happens when they start working together and she sees what’s happening? When she sees how much of a fantastic person he really is?

Kristi Eskew, Editorial

Aaron Blackford, The Spanish Love Deception by Elena Armas

Aaron has very few faults. His only flaw is making fun of protagonist Lina, and I don’t even know if you can really consider that a flaw. He does it in good fun, and the moment Lina needs a date for a wedding, Aaron is the first one to jump in. He tries his best to get along with her family and everyone she cares for, and he does it so brilliantly that everyone loves him, and even Lina begins to fall in love with the guy. He cares for her so strongly and lets her fight her own battles like an empowered woman, but he isn’t afraid to stand up for her when she needs it. He’s sweet and kind and pretty sexy, too. 

The spanish love deception book cover

The Spanish Love Deception is a book that tells the story of Catalina, the only woman in an office workspace full of men. She’s fiery and brilliant, but when she needs a date for her sister’s wedding, she’s lost. Her family thinks she’s in a relationship, and her ex is going to be there with his new fiancée, so Lina is desperately seeking someone to take. Cue Aaron Blackford, the brooding guy in Lina’s office, never lets her forget about the one time she was late and constantly makes fun of her for it. When Lina has nowhere else to turn, she begrudgingly accepts Aaron’s proposal of taking him, and the two begin a fake relationship to trick her family. Slowly, the lines blur between fake and real, and Lina isn’t sure what she’s feeling anymore. Can the two take their fake relationship and turn it real, or will it only be for show? 

Alexandra Mellott, Editorial

Taggart Swell, What Happens After Midnight by K.L. Walther

Tag is the epitome of a golden retriever boy. He does everything he can to show Lily that he misses her and wants to repair their relationship. He takes his role as the Jester extremely seriously, and he risks a health-related episode to make sure his prank goes off without a hitch. He is always making sure that everyone around him is okay and that they feel comfortable with the situation. He knows Lily so well that they are able to finish each other’s sentences, but he doesn’t pressure her into getting back together with him. He is goofy, loveable and loyal. What more could you want from a boy??

what happens after midnight book cover purple background

What Happens After Midnight follows Lily, a senior at a boarding school in Rhode Island. She has gotten through high school without having any fun. So, when she is invited to join in on the senior prank being pulled by the notorious Jester, she realizes that this is her last chance to have fun before going to college. But, when she realizes the Jester is her ex-boyfriend Tag and the prank is targeting her prom date, she must decide whose side she is on. 

Corinne Vergari, Social

Marco Alisdair, The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern 

Throughout his entire life, Marco’s singular goal has been to win the competition in order to earn the respect of the only father figure he’s ever known. But when he meets Celia and falls in love with her, everything changes. He shows his affection for her by constructing elaborate magical gifts and eventually forfeits his chance to win the challenge to protect Celia. His unwavering devotion to her, his dedication to making her happy, and his thoughtfulness towards her never fail to warm my heart. 

The Night circus book cover

The Night Circus tells the story of Celia and Marco, who have been trained since childhood to compete in a magical duel to the death. At first, their identities are kept secret from each other. Still, they eventually come to meet at the Night Circus, a grand traveling magical carnival where Celia works as an illusionist, and Marco works as the assistant to the circus’s creator. As they spend more time together, they each come to realize that the other is their opponent in the competition, which complicates the romantic tension growing between them. Over time, their love blossoms, but the threat of the competition looms over them as the time for the duel grows nearer and nearer. 

Lauren Nee, Editorial 

Rhys Larsen, Twisted Games by Ana Huang

Rhys is an amazing man who dedicated his life to serving and protecting people. Even though he is a very stubborn man who hides his emotions, he can’t hide them from Bridget. He never gave up on what he wanted and risked losing his privacy when it was the only thing that mattered to him. There is nothing he wouldn’t do for Princess Bridget. 

man looking sexily, twisted games book cover

Twisted Games is a spicy enemies-to-lovers, royalty bodyguard story. When Rhys (bodyguard) falls in love with Princess Bridget, they didn’t mean for it to happen, but now they have to find a way to be together when her country doesn’t allow it. 

Trish G, Editorial 

Loki Staad, The Trylle Series by Amanda Hocking

I’m not much of a romantic person anymore. Sad face. And if I was… the love interests are usually toxic. So, if I had to unbury all of that, one of my all-time favorite non-toxic boyfriends from the bookish world would probably be Loki Staad from The Trylle Series. Wendy Everly was born in a world where she didn’t feel like she belonged. That’s because she has powers of persuasion, and sometimes she can’t control her powers. This all changes when Finn Holmes, at her school, tells her she’s actually a princess from a secret society known as the Trylle. They are trolls… but not as you know them. Now, Wendy falls for Finn during the first novel… this all changes when she meets Loki Staad.

The Lost City book cover, girl walking to in a orange dress on fire at the hem castle in the background.

An opposing member of the Vittra kingdom who’s sent to capture her. But he begins to fall in love with her slowly. And instead of fighting his feelings like Finn, he fights for his feelings. He would do anything for Wendy because he loves her. It’s an enemies-to-lovers trope, but from the start, they are coyly sweet but just working on the wrong side of the tracks. Specifically, in book three, it’s justly noticeable that this was never Wendy and Finn’s love story (as in book one, Loki doesn’t even show; he shows up in book two). Loki never loses his edge and still manages to be the most supportive of Wendy — his queen and love.

Sierra Jackson, Editorial

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