Bookstr Reads: Between the World and Me, Final Discussion

Gaby and Adam bring Ta Nehisi’s book, Between the World and Me to a close with guests, Zane and Emily. Together they discuss the last half of the book which contains controversial segments, and a coming of age type experience in France. One of the interesting aspects of the podcast is the group’s discussion of the title of the book and what it may or may not mean.

The overall experience reading Between the World and Me has been very enlightening. The issues discussed in the book are very relevant to the issues facing America today. Most importantly, Ta Nehisi communicates to his readers exactly how he feels about his life experiences. He pulls no punches. His bravery and honesty makes Between the World and Me an excellent read even if you do not agree with every line in the book. Thank you for participating in this weeks installment of Bookstr Reads!


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