Bookstr Picks: Weirdest Times and Places We’ve Read Books

We take a look at some of Bookstr’s picks for weird places we’ve read or seen someone read. Come explore our choices and see if you’ve ever done any of these!

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We asked our Bookstr team where some of the weirdest or most inappropriate places they’ve ever read or seen someone else reading were. Come scroll through our list of answers and see if you’ve ever read in these situations!

Music Festival

I once saw a girl reading Vampire Academy at the CMA Fest while several famous musicians were performing. The same girl later fell asleep.

– Alexandra Mellott, Editorial

Blind Dates

I once read a book about serial killers while waiting for a blind date. I got stood up, which ended up being a good thing because I properly freaked myself out with my reading material. Nobody’s using my skin as a lampshade, no sir!

– Cara Hadden, Editorial

Weddings and Funerals

White chairs at a wedding with a wedding decal hooked on the chair.

I am notorious for having a book with me everywhere I go, especially to long events, where there’a a lot of socialization, which I hate to do. Weddings and funerals are some of the longest, as it’s usually expected that you’ll stay for the entire event. Wakes are oftentimes two-day events of at least four hours both days, so I have sat at the back after condolences and read on my phone from the Kindle app. I’ll put it away when someone wants to speak, but otherwise, I’m reading.

– Kristi Eskew, Editorial

Showers and Baths

I have read books in the shower on several occasions. I always take special care to keep the book dry and have had no slip-ups thus far. Hot showers are said to increase imaginative thought, so fantasy and mind-bending stories are especially fun to read there.

– Charlie Williams, Editorial 

As someone who’s a huge fan of baths and loves to relax, I have, on multiple occasions, taken a book in there. I haven’t dropped any yet, and I’m hoping it stays that way!

– Alexandra Mellott, Editorial

During Classes or School

I know I’m not the only one, as I wholeheartedly believe that all bookworms do this, but I always read the material needed in my high school English classes too quickly. So when it was read-aloud together days, or read silently, I wasn’t reading the study material. I was usually reading something else. Some of my teachers didn’t appreciate this.

– Kristi Eskew, Editorial 

Classroom lecture room with several wooden chairs with desks.

I have read books during class when I was supposed to be working on an assignment or homework. Maybe I should find odd places to read books and see how people react for fun. I could read a weirdly inappropriate book in a weird or unusual place to just see the looks on people’s faces. The thought of that makes me laugh. 

– Christina Hardesty, Graphics 

Sporting Events

I’ve read at my own sporting events. I played tennis in high school and had a habit of sitting on the bleachers and reading when I wasn’t playing. In retrospect, I probably should have been watching and supporting my teammates during their matches. I really only ever put the book down if it was the last match of the day and the score was really close, but oftentimes we were already losing, and it was better to read than sit there and be sad about it.

– Kaley Johnson, Editorial

Amusement Parks

Amusement park at night with a ferris wheel and several people.

Back in middle school, when I was a huge reader and had more free time, I could be found with a book everywhere. I normally had at least three books in my backpack or hands while in the school hallways. That being said, when we went on school trips to places like amusement parks, my friends and I would stuff a book in our backpacks to read while standing in those huge lines.

– Alexandra Mellott, Editorial

These were some of the weirdest places we’ve ever read in or at. Have you ever read in these places or situations? Do you have a weird place of your own that you read at? Let us know about it!

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