Bookstr Explores: Unearthing The NoMad Hotel Library

After exploring NYC for the best places to read in the city, we stumbled upon a hidden gem. The NoMad Hotel has a secret library inside of it that most people don’t know about! Once we discovered it, we knew we had to explore.

Here is what we found:

Once we entered, we were immediately taken by the cool classic vibe. Everything about the space invites you to sit down and read. From the deep-seated leather chairs to the long cushioned couches, we almost couldn’t help but sit down and start to read. 

One of the best parts about the library is the on staff waiter. While you read, you can order drinks, appetizers, and even a full course meal. The hotel provided us with everything we needed to feel comfortable and welcome. So Manhattanites and tourists alike, go exploring and let us know what you think!


Featured image courtesy Nomad Hotel.