Bookstr & Booze: Drinking Games to Get Through Upcoming Superhero Movies (or Help You Enjoy Them Even More)

I love comic book/superhero movies, but not everybody does, and that’s perfectly reasonable. They’re everywhere, they’re not always great, and chances are you get dragged to them because your friends want to see them just to board the hype train. Unfortunately for you, there’s no sign of their end, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make a good time out of it. (And if you do happen to like them, then the following drinking strategies might just augment your enjoyment.)

There are many superhero sequels coming out in the next couple years. This means we know what to expect, and what kinds of drinking games we can make for them. We’ve got a few ideas for a few movies so far.

Is it rude to sneak alcoholic beverages into the movie theater and drink while you’re with your friends? Yes. But isn’t it also rude for your friends to peer pressure you into going to a movie you’d rather skip and waste your money? Yes. Therefore, “Turn down for what?”



Spider-Man: Far From Home

Image via Hypebeast



1. A character mentions Iron Man/Tony Stark

2. Spider-Man does a flip

3. Spider-Man shoots a web

4. Spider-Man switches suits


Doctor Strange 2

Image via Vox



1. Characters do the weird hand movements to cast spells

2. Doctor Strange’s cape moves on its own

3. Doctor Strange makes a sassy remark


Aquaman 2

Image via National Review



1. Aquaman talks to fish

2. Mera has a badass moment

3. The scene changes to a different ocean/sea/lake/etc.


Guardians of the Galaxy 3


Image via BBC



1. They crack a joke

2. Thor calls Rocket, “Rabbit”

3. Thor calls Groot, “Tree”

4. The soundtrack plays a nostalgic song from a different decade



Image via Youtube



1. A character says “SHAZAM!” (Or when it shows up in the logo/opening title)

2. You see lightning of any kind (Yes, even in the logo/opening title)

3. Freddy gets meta and makes a remark about superheroes



Hope these “guidelines” help. Drink responsibly, friends.



Featured Image via Youtube