#bookstagrammer of the week: @bowtiesandbooks

It is our favorite part of the week, #bookstagrammer of the week! This week we are featuring @bowtiesandbooks ! Their content is honest and passionate filled with fun fashion and yoga poses. Yes please! if you are looking for some inspiration and great book recommendations then @bowtiesandbooks is a #bookstagram page for you! without further ado, here is the interview with @bowtiesandbooks !



Why did you start your Bookstagram?

I joined bookstagram for a home to post about books and engage with other readers on a daily basis. I already had my booktube channel, but I still wanted more daily engagement with the bookish community and bookstagram made that possible.

Where are you from?

A mixture of Michigan and NYC! I spent my summers with my father in NY and my school year with my mother in Michigan.

What do you want your Instagram to bring to the world: 

My number one focus on my instagram is visibility. I love sharing the defining facets of my identity, being Black, being Mexican, being queer and trans non-binary and how each of these critical elements to my being influence the books I read, how I interact and unpack those stories, and the ways in which I navigate the world overall.


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Fun Fact about you: 

I am a trained boxer! My uncle runs a boxing gym in Michigan. I spent years going there after school and studying the art of self defense. 

Favorite Bookstagrammers:

To shout out some bookgrammers who deserve WAY more attention:

Starlah Reads – an afrolatinx queer bookstagrammer and booktuber who is an incredibly eclectic reader and a brilliant book reviewer 

The Sol Reader – an afrolatinx queer bookstagrammer with a page that bursts with energy. Her instagram is a reflection of her incredibly bright and dazzling personality. 

Thunderbird Woman Reads – An indigenous bookstagrammer who dedicates her page to celebrating indigenous literature. She is absolutely genius, so compassionate, and a total force of nature.

Chapters of May – An afrocaribbean bookstagrammer whose page is a deep source of comfort. If you love a calming aesthetic, cozy reads, and gorgeous photos, you absolutely have to follow her.

The Wandering Reader – I love her dedication to horror books. I am a huge fan of horror as a genre and firmly believe horror is an incredible way to unpack personal and global terrors.



Favorite Books and Authors: 

Freshwater – Akwaeke Emezi (everything they write is AMAZING!)

White Oleander – Janet Fitch (has been my favorite book since age 14)

The Poppy War – RF Kuang (this incredibly bloody adult fantasy trilogy is my new obsession)

All Boys Aren’t Blue – George Johnson (amazing exploration of black queer-trans identity)

In the Dreamhouse – Carmen Maria Machado (haunting memoir and scathing examination of abuse in queer households)


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Fictional Crush: 

Yuri from Bend in the Stars – he was intellectually brilliant, cold and calculating when he needed to be, loyal to a fault, and completely willing to tear someone’s head off to defend himself or someone he loves. My FAVORITE type of love interest!

TBR List:

How much time do we have? :) At the top of my TBR is:

Black Flamingo

The City We Became


The Yellow House

The Lovely War


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What’s Your Special Approach to Content?

I always ask myself: Who am I making this (post or video) for? Am I speaking from my heart? Am I making this post because I feel obligated? Constantly examining my intentions is the only way I’ve been able to consistently create content that speaks for me as an individual.

Aesthetic / Instagram page theme: 

Fashion is my heart and soul and I love bringing that to my content. I post books as matching outfits against an all-white background as well as me reading in wild yoga poses or sharing photos of my cozy apartment. I really love it.

How often do you post:



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What does your Bookstagram mean to you?

Honestly? The world. My bookstagram is my creative outlet. It’s a place where I get to share not just the books I love, but my thoughts and opinions. It has become my source for news and education as I follow lots of individuals who have different backgrounds from me, and through my friendships with them, I learn constantly.

Favorite Bookstore:

Subtext Bookstore in Saint Paul is my favorite local indie bookstore, but I also LOVE Moonpalace books in Minneapolis which is dedicated to LGBTQ books and has a cafe! But I absolutely have to shout out Amalgram Comics – the FIRST black woman owned comic store in America! It’s in Philadelphia.

Who would you have supply you with a lifetime of books?

I would trust my good friend Starlah Reads to pick my books. She loves fantasy, horror, and literature as much as I do and she’s also my reading twin. We seriously almost always have mirror thoughts on books!


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Author to take a selfie with: 

AKWAEKE EMEZI although I would probably pass out from joy mid photo, so it would just be a photo of them grinning while I lay unconscious on the floor!

Favorite book cover: 

How dare you make me choose?! This is cruelty. Song Below Water and Let’s Go Swimming on Doomsday both have INCREDIBLE covers.

Book you have claimed to have read that you didn’t:

I’ve actually never done this! BUT I do have books that I read before I could really comprehend them, such as The Color Purple. I read that in HS and I’m excited to reread it as an adult.


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When did you know you had made it as a Bookstagrammer: 

Imposter Syndrome is very real. I am privileged to have a healthy following and still sometimes feel that I don’t belong, that I’m not good enough, that my content doesn’t measure up to other reviewers. When I feel this way, I remind myself that I have the only thing that matters – deep friendships that have been nourished by bookstagram. As long as I have my friends, I consider myself having “made it”. My friends are my backbone. I am not myself without them.

Favorite fandoms

The Poppy War, Game of Thrones (House Targaryen for the WIN!), Orphan Black (TEAM HELENA), Hannibal, Marvel (specifically X-Men),  Lady Astronaut, Firefly/Serenity, and The Wicked and the Divine

Advice for aspiring Bookstagrammers: 

Challenge yourself and question the status quo. Don’t let what’s trending or popular on bookstagram dictate the people you follow and the books you choose to review. Bookstagram is only fun if you’re posting from your heart. Challenge yourself to follow readers who come from different backgrounds, and allow them to influence your reading selections. Allow bookstagram to expand your worldview. Do something on your page that you don’t see others do often or have something that people can associate you with. For example, I’m known for wearing bowties, cooking in my insta story, and attempting wacky yoga poses. I think people really like getting to see the person behind the bookstagram so don’t hesitate to let your Self shine. You’re unique and special and your page should celebrate that.


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Additional bookishness: 

Books I would love to see more people read: Remembrance by Rita Woods, Loveboat Taipei by Abigail Hing Wen, Open Season by Ben Crump, and The Antidote for Everything by Kimmery Martin. 



Thank you so much for your time Jesse! Tune in next week to meet the next #bookstagrammer of the week!

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