#bookstagrammer of the week: @arinareads

Our favorite part of the week is back, #bookstagrammer of the week! This week we spotlight @arinareads. 


Our favorite part of the week is back, #bookstagrammer of the week! This week we spotlight @arinareadsTheir honest and empathetic captions will draw you in to their aesthetic feed! With that being said, we are excited for you to read the interview with @arinareads !!


Why did you start your Bookstagram?

Well, I was knee-deep in academic work and wanted a creative outlet to turn to. Because I had always been a reader I decided that the best thing would be to document my reading, and keep track of my excessive book buying habit. Thus, my bookstagram was born.


Where are you from?

I live in Yorkshire, England and I came here via Bærum in Norway, before that I was born in Sanandaj, Iran.


What do you want your Instagram to bring to the world? 

I want it to show that you don’t need to fit into a mould, or live a picture-perfect life in order to have fun on social media. You can be honest about how you feel and look, you can dislike books and be ignorant about some things, you just have to be willing to learn and engage, and bookstagram will be good space to grow. 


image via @arinareads


Fun Fact about you?

I’ve honestly been thinking about this for days and I couldn’t come up with anything, sorry guys! My husband said I should mention I can tie a cherry stem with my tongue *shrugs shoulders*.


Favorite Bookstagrammers:









Favorite Books and Authors: 

Hilary Mantel’s Cromwell series & A Place of Greater Safety

Alias Grace by Margaret Atwood

The Eighth Life by Nino Haratischwili

Stay with Me by Ayọ̀bámi Adébáyọ̀

East West Street by Philippe Sands


image via @arinareads

Fictional Crush: 

I don’t have one, but I loved living in Thomas Cromwell’s head, does that count?


TBR List:

I’ve got such an extensive and every-growing TBR list that I almost don’t know where to begin, but my most pressing reads at the moment are:

Testament of Youth by Vera Brittain

Angela’s Ashes by Frank McCourt

Frannie Langton by Sara Collins

Gather Together in My Name by Maya Angelou.


What’s Your Special Approach to Content?

I have told by numerous people that my content is very honest. I don’t hold back on anything. I share most aspects of my life; the ups and the downs and I try to airbrush myself as little as possible. I’m not afraid to disagree with people, and I’m not afraid to be in the minority, though of course I try to approach everything with empathy and kindness.


image via @arinareads

Aesthetic / Instagram page theme:

I think my aesthetic is quite simple, I use very few props and try to use similar backgrounds/spaces to create a ‘running theme’. The thing I hate the most are too many similar posts back-to-back and have been known to delete posts that get my trigger my very real OCD.


How often do you post?

I either post once a week or 20 times in one day, there is no in-between. 


What does your Bookstagram mean to you?

It’s been my constant companion for the past four, almost five years and has been instrumental in building up my confidence over the years.


image via @arinareads


Favorite Bookstore:

The Grove Bookshop in Ilkley, the Waterstones in Bloomsbury, and the Foyles on Charring Cross Rd in London. And of course, my local Waterstones in Leeds. I’m basic.


Who would you have supply you with a lifetime of books?

Virago Press, Head of Zeus, and 4estatebooks. 


Author to take a selfie with: 

If she was still alive, I would kindly ask Maya Angelou for a selfie.


image via @arinareads


Favorite book cover: 

Currently it’s the 100th Anniversary edition of ‘The Age of Innocence’ by Edith Wharton. 


Book you have claimed to have read that you didn’t:

I chose ‘Great Expectations’ by Charles Dickens for a project at school and found it extremely boring so I read the sparknotes instead, very helpful. 


When did you know you had made it as a Bookstagrammer?

I’m not sure I have made it, but if I ever make money off of bookstagram that’ll be it.


image via @arinareads


Favorite fandoms:

Fandoms were for 16-year-old Arina when she was on tumblr, these days I try to stay away from hero-worshiping or fandoms.


Advice for aspiring Bookstagrammers: 

My advice is to lower your expectations and join bookstagram for the ‘right’ reasons, i.e. to join a book-loving community, to document your reading and to learn and grow as a person. Don’t do it for free books or for likes because that type of stuff comes later, for a select group of lucky people.


Additional bookishness: 

I have a deathly hallows tattoo, it’s what I describe as the ‘pumpkin spice latte of tattoos’.

I’m currently working on my first novel.

I married a fellow bookworm to make sure I’ve got twice the amount of books, well also because I love him but his love of books also played a part..



Thank you so much, @arinareads!  Join us next Friday for another awesome #bookstagrammer!!

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