Books To Pack For Different Picnic Aesthetics

Picnics are a perfect way to romanticize your summer and blow through some amazing reads! Find out which book you should pack on your next picnic!

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Looking for a way to enjoy the warm weather and still stick your nose in a good book? Picnics are a perfect way to romanticize your summer and blow through some amazing reads! If you’re looking to plan a picnic, but just can’t decide which book to bring with you, we’re here to help! Based on your ideal picnic aesthetic, we’ll give you some book recommendations to sit back and enjoy alongside your fruit and charcuterie boards.

Fairy/Cottage Core

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If you’re a lover of fairytale, cottage core vibes for a picnic, you deserve a book that matches that aesthetic. And what better way to enjoy a fairytale picnic than with a book about the Fae?

For that, we recommend none other than the Fae queen herself: Holly Black. Honestly, there are so many books by her that would be perfect for this picnic, but we suggest The Cruel Prince. This book has Faerie folklore, political intrigue, action, romance–all of which you can enjoy surrounded by nature.


picnic, books, aesthetics
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Maybe you want your picnic to be dark and gloomy. Maybe you want to feel like a witch or a wandering ghost while enjoying your dark wine and grapes. Who wouldn’t?

If this sounds like the perfect vibe to you, don’t forget to pack an equally gloomy book. For this, we suggest bringing along a classic: Emily Brontë’s Wuthering Heights. This piece of Gothic fiction is known for its ghosts and spooky melancholy–the perfect novel to accompany a dark picnic.


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It’s the perfect time for a Summer-themed picnic. We’re talking fruit, lemonade, beaches, flowers, music, friends, summer dresses: everything that makes your picnic feel like warm weather and good vibes.

Don’t forget to bring along a book to complete the aesthetic! A lighthearted, romantic Summer read like Book Lovers by Emily Henry would be perfect for this picnic. Kick back with your floppy hat, and read this delightful story while munching on some watermelon.


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Going with an ethereal picnic? You probably want a dreamy, elegant atmosphere–and maybe you want to feel like a goddess visiting Earth to enjoy her croissants and wine amongst nature. Who could blame you?

What better activity to occupy your time during an ethereal picnic than reading a book based on Greek gods and mythology? There are so many books like this, but one of these must-reads is Lore by Alexandra Bracken. I mean, even the cover art perfectly fits this aesthetic!


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If you’re looking for a picnic and a way to unleash some creativity, you might end up with a lovely assortment of snacks and art materials. Whether you’re painting, drawing, journaling, or even sculpting (though that might get messy with food), you’ll end up with an artsy little picnic.

And for when you finish your masterpiece, or just need a break, don’t forget to bring along a book! For such an artistic vibe, we suggest reading about one of our favorite artsy characters: Clary Fray in City of Bones by Cassandra Clare. I mean, there are tons of artsy protagonists, but the unique thing about Clary is that her art continues to be part of the plot throughout The Mortal Instruments series.

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