Books that Broke Records

Did you know there is a whole section in the Guinness Book of World Records dedicated book related achievements? Well there is, and even the Guinness Book itself has broken the record for being the most commonly stolen book of all time! Let’s look at some of the other award holding books.

Sheena: First female character to star in her own comic book


The Queen of the jungle herself! Sheena was an orphan who learned how to survive in the wild. With her ability to speak to animals, and her skill with knives, spears, and bows, she quickly climbed the ranks until she was officially the Queen of the jungle. She inspired a whole new generation of comic books and is even rumored to have been the inspiration for the Wonder Woman comic.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Fastest selling book of fiction


Of course Harry Potter had to appear her somewhere. The release of Deathly Hallows sold 8.3 million copies in 24 hours. That just goes to show how many dedicated Harry potter fans out there were willing to wait in line to get this book. The fact that that many books were even available and were able to be disseminated properly is an accomplishment on its own.

Days and Deeds: Largest Library book fine paid

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Some library books disappear forever. The fines on those missing books are going to keep ticking upwards as long as humanity exists. But the largest fine that has ever been paid was Days and Deeds whose borrorwer coughed up $345.14. The charge was .02 cents a day. The math comes out to the book being overdue for about 47 years!

Miss Marple: Thickest book published



Miss Marple consists of 12 novels and 20 short stories. The entire collection is made up of 4,032 pages and weighs almost 20 pounds! Ms. Marple herself is a kind of an anti-hero. She is a gossip and seems to talk pleasure in other people’s suffering. Despite her flaws she is a brilliant crime solver partly because of how well she remembers conversation and parallel situations.

How the World Began: Book with the youngest author

Dorothy Straight published her first book by the age of 4, what have you accomplished at that age? The book originally came about because Straight wanted to write something for her grandmother. After her parents saw what she had done, they immediately sent it to a publisher who subsequently put it into print.

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