‘Books on the Bus’ Program Helps Students Read More On The Way Home!

It can be hard at times for parents and teachers to get young children to read more. But a small group of schools in Atlanta, Georgia have a creative solution.


Clayton County Public Schools has teamed up with Scholastic Inc. to bring the Books on the Bus program to five schools within the school district. The initiative allows students to pick books to read while on the bus, take them home, and return them the next morning.


Since the program started, interest in reading has increased within the schools. Behavior among the students has also improved. One of the schools’ bus drivers noticed the change during her commute.


“They’re not only reading more, but their behavior on the bus has improved. It helps the ride go by faster for them.”


Students have been encouraged to read to others while riding the bus as well as share their books with family and friends.


The school district plans to expand on the program once more resources are given.



Featured Image Via Clayton News Daily