Books of Wonder has a New Location!

Books of Wonder has a new location! The original location was at 18 West and 18th street, and now it’s just a block away at 42 West and 17th Street. The list for the other location was up in December of 2019, but they were able to get an extension for three months. Then the landlord of the building found a new tenant; they had no choice but to move.


Image via Sideways


With the move just down the block, it only took movers four days to shift all the books and shelves over to the new location. Even the store lights from the previous location have moved to the new store, and they added $60,000 worth of new light fixtures. Along with a brand new, custom-made library ladder. This new location sounds like it’s a beautiful new space.
The new space is about the same size as the original location and, with the social distancing rules, strollers can now fit more comfortably inside without being on top of others. The only downside is the lack of store events. That’s where a majority of their income had come from but, with the pandemic, the store revenue is down sixty percent. Books of Wonder has switched to online events, which is helping but it’s not the same. However, the store has hope that with the lower infection rate in New York, the numbers will pick back up.
The doors to the new location are open now! And there is another location on the upper west side. Wear a mask and go buy some books!
Featured Image via Twitter