Bookmobiles Are Popping up and We’re Definitely Going Along for the Ride

Finding a food truck at every corner now seems to be a regular thing. Halal is across the street, tacos are down the block, an egg sandwich is right around the corner. Now, imagine replacing all that good food with books. I mean, I know you want tacos, but how cool is this idea? Well that’s exactly what these two awesome folks did for their community.


Teighlor Molignaro from Pottsboro, Texas and Hilary Keith of Santa Clara, California are the drivers of their community bookmobile! News12 reported that while Teighlor was working at the local library she was trying to think of ideas on how to get books to those who couldn’t always make it to the library. She explained:
They’re always on their phones or their computers, no one reads like they should. So when the opportunity for a state loan for $3,000 came up, they used it to make the pedaling library!



Library on wheels

 Image Via KXII

Molignaro rides the library to the local middle school when class lets out, to community events, to street fairs, and kids are more than welcome to take out, return, and choose new books. They just launched it on January 25th and plan to do a lot more pop-up libraries in parks and family locations. Molignaro says “we need to bring books back and we need to get kids outside.”


Travel a bit further west and you may find Hilary Keith, Director of Santa Clara Library and for the first time this week, she launched her bookmobile too! Assistant City Librarian Paul Sims told Santa Clara Weekly
The bookmobile service provides critical access to books and resources that promote early childhood literacy, will enrich the lives of our seniors and be a gateway for low income residents and new immigrants to a world of reading, learning and information
This process took a bit longer since the loan from the city was larger and they needed the commercial vehicle license. However, with some colorful graphics and tons of books and cool merchandise, this truck is now in business.


Library on wheels

Image Via Santa Clara Weekly

Whoever the driver is for the day often gets shouted at from car windows by parents driving by wanting to take out books for their kids, which is a pretty funny occurrence they say. The Santa Clara library on wheels makes many local stops by schools and is working on pulling up to more community events.


Could we be seeing more of these pop up in our cities? It’d only make sense, given how fun, easy, and efficient they are! For the reader on the go and the enthusiastic bookworm, these reads-on-wheels are something everyone should have access to… plus those taco trucks.


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