Bookish Tweets To Stop April Showers And Bring May Flowers

#BooksConnectUs, yes, but books can also appeal to anyone and everyone…

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Hello, all my fellow bookish trick-or-tweeters! (I know it’s not Halloween yet, but in case you haven’t noticed, just a few days from now marks exactly six months until this year’s Halloween, so happy early Half-oween!)

I know I’m late with these (again), but I can assure you that I’ll be coming out with the next batch of sweet tweet treats this upcoming Friday that would include the tweets from yesterday and today, but for now here are the delicious ones from last week to stave off your bookish tweets withdrawal – and of course, to turn these seemingly endless April showers into beautiful, blooming May flowers… (Also, how is it that it’s gonna be May freakin’ first this Friday?!)





I’ve Been Through The Story As A Guy With No Name

Isn’t it frustrating when you’re going through a story – one with no back-cover summary I might add – and you’re trying to find a mere mention of the name of the narrator, but you don’t come across one until perhaps towards the end of the first chapter, or even later? I know, right?! So frustrating. Now, trying reading an Edgar Allan Poe story…



The truth shall be revealed… eventually. Speaking of truth, do you remember the narrator’s name of “The Tell-Tale Heart”? Don’t know? Me neither. So… never.


Bear Necessities

Zoom calls can be boring if you let them be boring. Have some flair with your onscreen presence by packing your calls with some punch, either verbally or even visually, such as these ideas…



This tweet has to be my favorite of the bunch, but only because it’s a bit circumstantial, since my “Shakespeare II” class is actually covering The Winter’s Tale in which the “Exit, pursued by a bear” stage direction is given, and also seeing how all the other tweets here aren’t as short as this one, not to mention this one has that one thing that isn’t seen too often  – hence the stage direction bit – I thought this to be the perfect cover photo for this tweets piece!



Don’t Talk To Strangers – Unless They’re Ravens

(Yes, I know the title is a bit obvious, but unlike the ravens, I couldn’t find another way in…)

During this time of quarantine, you can never really know just whom to trust or not: who has the virus, who will get you extra supplies from the store for you, who you can talk to…



…unless of course you’re greeted by a raven, so as I specified on the other “Raven” tweet, have the raven bathe in the birdbath out front, then let them in and spark up conversation – if they don’t have the virus and can actually carry on the conversation with more than just “Nevermore.”





The Feeling’s Worse Than Not Mutual

When you get a gift from someone you’re supposed to respect very highly, and the gift turns out to be not what you really wanted, if not needed, you’re not really sure how to react…



It’s the thought that counts, right? I mean, a saltwater hot tub isn’t really that bad by itself, but not exactly what the Athenians were looking for. (And I’m sure couples can relate to this.)


No Other Way

If you ever feel as though you’re running out of options to solve a problem, ask Shakespeare…



On second thought, don’t ask Shakespeare! Please get some help from a trained professional, like a counselor or therapist, not a playwright from the 16th century. It’s never too late to pay your dues and make your peace with those you care about, so don’t let death be the only way that you or anyone else can solve a problem. (Remember: you’re human, not a plot device.)





All For Security Purposes

Times are scary, especially if you’re down on your luck, so if at all possible, it’s best to always keep things secure and within the family, knowing what is certainly best for everyone…



…because for the Bennets, a good husband is a wealthy husband. And if you are one for memes, here are some for Pride and Prejudice for you in this tweet reply…



…because you know what really makes a good husband? One with memes for everything!


(Mind)Travelling To High Places

This upcoming tweet – the last main one on the list before the bonus follow-up – is from a certain account we would not expect too much to see on a bookish-themed list like this, showing us that #BooksConnectUs, yes, but books can also appeal to anyone and everyone…



We couldn’t agree more, Pixar, even if we can only venture within our minds!


Bonus Tweet: Books = Best Bedtime Buddies

And jumping off from that, as a special bonus tweet, here’s what your room would look like from too much adventure…



But then again, you can never have too much adventure!



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