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Bookish Tweets To Start Off June - Whilst Still Indoors

Bookish Tweets To Start Off June – Whilst Still Indoors

Hello, my fellow bookish tweeters! How are you holding with the indoor business while all of this nice weather is on the other side in the outdoors? Well hopefully, we can put all of that – along with what May and the other months had brought in store for us – behind us as we enter into a hopeful new beginning: the starting phases of reopening businesses!

Until the day comes when we can be assured of going out into the world without wearing a mask or having any fear of catching anything from hugging or fist-bumping someone, here are the tweets that will start off this new month – the first summer month of the year – just right.





It’s Opinion-Time! 

Art is mainly art through the eyes of the beholder, and art is only that which the artist projects their own views and experiences of the world into it. In other words, it is the reflection of the authors themselves that truly shine through within their works. So, if we were to take War and Peace, as an example…



What is art, if it’s not a projection – or reflection – of one’s opinion on the dealings of the world? (Just don’t make that opinion too thick for others to get through in order to get to the point. Am I right, Tolstoy??)


Don’t Look In The Horse’s Mouth

You gotta be prepared for anything, any sort of attack, so always check your bases. Cover your ground. Keep up your guard. Make sure there isn’t a stone left unturned, and whatever you do, don’t let anyone in…



I mean, what’s a giant horse to play with to celebrate the surrender of the Greeks? Especially if the gods have deemed it okay? I’m sure it’s harmless and won’t destroy us from the inside-out…


No Other Time

You know when you have those moments of bad timing, or know someone who shows up – or calls you about something important – at the worst possible time?



Yeah, only come to me when an occasion as special as that – and even on the anniversary of the founding of Hogwarts, but that is it!


The Feeling’s Mutual – Or Is It?

Sometimes, no matter how hard we try, the truth is that by the end of the day, we can’t make people like us. We just can’t



Sure, that’s a bit of an extreme scenario, but hey, if you don’t like them that much, why not just block them on social media? You know, baby steps!


Hold up: before we go any further, a quick announcement from SparkNotes…



Though since this recent weekend has come and gone, these can be read for any weekend!

Oh, and speaking of more summer-related reading recs, check out PRH’s picks…



I can gladly say that I just got The Light We Lost in the mail recently and can’t wait to read it!

Also, while we’re still on our break in-between tweets, wanna pimp your Zoom room?



You’re only anywhere in the world as much as you make it to be – that is, your presence in the world, at least for the moment, can be so much as presented just by the flair you bring to your Zoom calls! For me, I’d def using the bookstore background just to feel as though I’m back in the comfort of my – or any – Barnes & Noble store…

Now, let’s get on with the tweets!





The Circle Of Life

*Warning: the following tweet is on The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes, so skip on down to the next tweet if you haven’t read the Hunger Games prequel and don’t want to be spoiled!

We all know the two main stages in life: we are born into life, then we die and leave life – at least in the physical sense. But what happens in-between those two stages, while we’re living? Those are the main questions that we and the ancestors before us have been asking ourselves all our lives: why are we here, and how should we spend our lives here on earth while we’re alive?

That’s why we have manmade stages between these two main stages, and these substages can vary from country to country, from culture to culture, and even from one reality to the next…



In the world of Panem, the Games have just been a way of life – survive or die as a teen. At least we know how it all ends after 75 years of this stage’s enforcement… (Note: I still haven’t make a serious dent in Ballad, but I do know enough of it to know that Lucy Gray is the name of the girl that 18-year-old Coriolanus Snow mentors for the 10th Games and a bunch of other notable spoilers, which I will not dish out here. However, do check out my latest article here for some!)


The Torture

I think we can all agree that we have that one friend in our lives who’s constantly bugging us and who won’t leave us alone for the life of us! In fact, so much so after such a long time that even the slightest thing they try to get on our nerves just rattles us, breaking us down…



It may be too much for us to handle, a nonstop, soul-crushing form of torture, peace in sight nevermore.


Please Don’t Make Me Choose!

The very last tweet concerns a very important decision that every booklover has to make in their life, and I’m sure you’ve seen some form of this at some point, so it’s not exactly new…



Yes, the struggle of indecision is real… For me, I’ll go with paperbacks (my go-to format), hardcovers (for specific books/series), and tea (my to-go drink, after having proved to be the healthier alternative to soda, my other go-to, which I have been going a few weeks in surviving without)!





To finish off the piece, here’s a tweet (by Vintage/Anchor Books) that I should’ve added to the previous tweets piece but didn’t due to my having found it while compiling the (past) week’s tweets, one that acts as a continuation to a series of tweets depicting what our plans for the year were vs. what the year has turned out to be – in book form…



And PRH’s follow-up to that tweet is even better…



Just don’t turn into Merricat Blackwood and almost completely burn down your whole house!



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