Bookish Tweets To Start Off February

Guess what: it’s the very beginning of February! Where did the time go?! I guess 2020 is just the same as any other year before by pace at which time we spend flies…

Anyway, while you start prepping yourself for the rest of February – Black History Month, the month of Valentine’s Day for the lovers, and InCoWriMo (International Correspondence Writing Month) for the NaNoWriMoers, please take the time to enjoy these bookish tweets that will surely make you smile and you should take to heart. (But seriously though: we’re officially one whole month into 2020…)


The Reading Game: By Eyes Or By Ears?

Everyone has a preferred way to do things, reading included. And yet some of us still didn’t get the memo that there’s more than one way to read and be part of the same team: the reading team.



As avid readers, we expect to have learned to understand and appreciate other people’s quirks, preferences, and overall differences by means of seeing these differences in and even identifying with the characters we read about, emphasizing our ability to empathize with those around us. So, why is it that we can’t agree to accept our preferred modes of reading?

I mean, while I personally prefer not to listen to audio books (usually, except for self-help or nonfiction), I never even considered that as “cheating” in reading. To me, “cheating” would be reading through the book’s plot summary on Wikipedia before going through the book itself for yourself. The only times when I feel competitive enough to treat reading like a sport is when I’m binge-reading – not intended to beat anyone else, but only because I love the book so much, I just want to keep on going instead of doing anything else. (It’s like Netflix, after all!)



Not-So-Light Reading

On a (sort-of) lighter note – switching reading modes, in fact – eBooks: your electronic library. While for me, nothing could beat a personal, physical copy of a book (again, that’s just my personal take), I can see why others prefer those to handheld copies: eBooks make it easier to track all your books, you can take all of your books to read wherever you go, you can take notes and erase whatever you have on the e-pages if you decide to alter or omit them… And let’s not forget the formatting of how the words are presented to you on that clear, white screen display…



Now, that’s what I call dedication, for whoever was responsible for this to get the idea to really get you into the story by turning the pages a blackish color, bringing the story to life to you on your screen… or maybe it’s defected and needs to be fixed… like, pronto.



You Can’t Have One Without The Other!

Obviously, you know that Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde are complete opposites from each other: both from the same being but one conscious and the other unconscious, brought out from within due to a science experiment gone wrong. However, have you ever thought of the two in this way?



I mean, it makes sense, right?? (Though Jekyll is more formal and Hyde is the casual one…)


Whatever Works For You…

Readers, how many of you always struggle to find the perfect spot to get comfy while reading?

Me, too! While you can find some helpful tips on this phenomenon from Penguin Random House’s Twitter series #BookHacks, there are those who found their own way to get comfortable, no matter how unconventional…



Comfort is key, after all, so as long as there’s nothing stinky around to distract you from the story…



Reading Can Be Lethal

Reading can be many things – enjoyable, exciting, maybe even stressful if you’re binge-reading for yourself or for a class you have to read it for – but one would not think that it would be a dangerous feat, yet…



Be sure to watch your fingers as you turn the pages recklessly!


A Book For Every Shade

You know how you want to set aside a book – or two or three or six – just so you don’t forget, instead of leaving it – them – on the shelf where you know you’ll forget? Well, here I thought it was just me…



Now, that is preaching to the choir, for I too have a piling stack of books on my nightstand. While they’re not there by preference or mood, they’re just books I know I want to read – and soon – but can’t decide which one(s) to tackle first!



Love Is Love… Who Are We To Judge?

Books can’t help but bring people together, and that’s one of the reasons why I still love to read: it brought me closer to people who liked – or even loved – reading books for the fun of it as well! However, I don’t think this ever came to my mind…



But hey, I’m willing to show my books just how much I love and appreciate them: by sleeping with them. (No, not like that.) Everybody loves cuddles, so why shouldn’t my books?!



Bonus Tweet: So We Read On – But Where Do We Go?

Usually, I stick to about seven tweets, but here’s an extra treat: an extra tweet from Penguin Random House, specifically of the company’s last BookHacks series video of the season – not series (relax)! And I think we can all relate to what this has to say because we are all thinking it every time we finish a book and don’t know where to go from here…



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