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Bookish Tweets To Prepare You For The First Day Of Classes

Bookish Tweets To Prepare You For The First Day Of Classes

Hello, bookish tweeters, and happy Saturday! Yes, yes: the time has almost come for getting back to school – whether it be in high school or college – so if you are one of those (lucky) students who needs to know how to navigate school in this brave new world in which we’re now living, look no further, ’cause I’ve got just the cure for you!

So, as promised for today, I’m bringing you a heaping batch of bookish tweets, including a few welcomed extra tweets that will just leave you pondering for a very long time… so in a way, that fulfills some partial learning requirement, right? No matter if it does or not, let’s started anyway, because that is the best thing we can do: just keep moving forward…

But first, a bonus tweet that actually came out after last Friday that I neglected to include in the previous tweets piece…



Now, with that alternate title for The Crucible: I gotta say: SPOT ON. I mean, it does have witches, right? (I wouldn’t really know since I haven’t actually read it, but I feel that it is that much accurate. It definitely has the word play down, that’s for sure!)

Also, here’s another tweet that came out a day later that low-key calls out some authors that are guilty of doing this…



I mean, this could be very important, who knows? Only time will tell, as long as you follow along with the story…

And with all that settled, let’s get on with this week’s tweets!





A Narrator Of No Name

Let me know if the description of this strange character sounds familiar…



Or maybe he’s just your know-it-all yet boring-as-dirt friend who’s both with you and not, trying his hardest not to spread the Coronavirus! (Hey, it’s possible to have one in your life…)


Your (Significant?) Other

Have you ever been with someone who you felt was never good enough for you?



Maybe you still are, or maybe you’re now single, but just know that you will always be enough, maybe even too good to be with anyone in your life. So, if possible, if you’re still with them and they still won’t measure up to the kind of partner that you deserve, then pitch them, ‘cause that’s what you do with trash!





The Well-Meaning Friend

Speaking of being with people who are trash, do you know someone who’s thinking of getting with (or even marrying) someone you know isn’t right for them?



See now, that kind of warning could spare your friend a lifetime of hassle, heartache, and a hefty amount of money, I’ll tell you that much! So, be that friend for them: they’ll thank you later.


The End Of The Innocence

Do you ever have those moments when you really don’t want to do something but know that you have to do it anyway – even against your better judgment?



It’s at this moment when you realize that Peeta, along with Katniss, never really make it out of the arena: that the Katniss and Peeta going into the Games are not the same ones coming out, so therefore their past selves had to die in order for their new selves to survive. (“No winners, only survivors.”)

Good luck unknowing that because you are not the same person going into this tweets piece as you are coming out of it, are you? 

Sorry, I got a little philosophical there… Anyway, moving on!


Kindred Spirits

Have you met “the One”? You know: the special kind of someone you know you’re destined to be with? So much so that it’s like both your souls are bound together, exactly the same?



Okay, maybe not that extreme, because can you imagine if you meet someone who’s purely identical to you in every single way? That’d be too freaky… but hey, never say never!

Also, here’s a little reminder to pay mind to all the characters left out of all the love in your reading pleasures…



Even they deserve some love sometimes, especially if they don’t get it from the ones whom they really love…

Sorry that got a little sad for a few seconds, so let’s continue!





A Ball Of A Time

We probably went over this once or twice before, but you know you have to be happy to be by yourself first before you can be happy with someone else…



…but you know what? Sometimes, it’s okay to be even happier with someone else than on your own, especially if you find the activity of rolling a boulder up a hill, going back down to get it, and doing it all over again forever to be a very joyful experience…


Act Now, Ask Questions Later

You know those times when you feel you need to do something right now in case you don’t get the chance to do it later? Something so pressing that you don’t bother to check if it should be the right thing to do until it’s too late?



Sometimes, you just gotta take the risk!

And now, as a closer to this piece, a bonus tweet that allows you to join in on the fun just by clicking on it…



Oh, you know you’ve been waiting for this moment! Choose your memes wisely, and I’ll see y’all next week… and good luck surviving classes in the post-COVID-19 world…




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