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Brilliant Bookish Tweets Guaranteed to Make You Laugh

Martin Luther King Jr. Day is just around the corner, and what better way to spend it (aside from reflecting on his legacy) than enjoying these tasteful bookish tweets! And heads-up: there’s a bit of a surprise tweet at the end…


If There’s A Trend, There’s Harry Potter

As you’re well aware, Twitter is no stranger to starting trends, specifically in this case when it comes to famous lines from movies, and that includes Harry Potter. However, this trend has a bit of a twist to it, and if you are one who is sensitive to the kind of language you’re about to see, then I’d say proceed with caution…



The trend is to take any famous movie line and add the phrase “you piece of sh*t” and it’s surprisingly very effective. For HP, it’s no different…



Yeah, Snape, you tell him!


The Resemblance Is Uncanny

And speaking of Snape, there is another tweet on this list in which Snape makes an appearance, specifically in how much he looks like a certain barista-turned-fashionista on Friends



Wow, Rachel. Looks like you got a follower, even before you make it big in the fashion world!



Sort Out Your Priorities

Yes, HP fans, I know what you’re thinking, but no, this is not another tweet on Harry Potter! (And if you don’t know, then how dare you call yourself a fan.) Still, think about what’s really more important…



Admittedly, I still personally haven’t seen the movies for To All The Boys yet, despite the fact that it was the announcement for the movie that got me to finally sit down and read the book in the first place. Even if I had, I would likely still choose to watch that for an x number of times over the Oscar-nominated movies (not that they’re not worthy of being watched, of course).


All About The Taste

Everyone has their own tastes; however, there comes a time when one’s preferences that can be very… misguided. I’ll just let the tweet do the talking…



Personally, The Great Gatsby is my favorite classic novel, with To Kill A Mockingbird not too far behind, so it appalls me that no one would have at least some favor towards the book.

Gatsby does not deserve this hate, old sport! Hasn’t he been through enough?





Nothing Else To Say

While I haven’t read Little Women or seen its most recent adaptation on the big screen (yet), a lot of people have seen it and have only this to say about it…



Exactly, “women.” So, if you have yet to see it (as have I), expect nothing but girl power! And on that note, happy (early) Martin Luther King Jr. Day: take the time to celebrate his legacy, reflect on how far we’ve come, and embrace what makes us special in our own way…

Also, here’s the surprise tweet I was talking about earlier!



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