Bookish Tweets To Cheer Up Your Friday The 13th, Chapter One

And of course, don’t forget the most important thing (aside from washing your hands): READ! 

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Happy Friday the 13th!

I know things are a bit… crazy (to say the least) right now, considering that thing that’s on the rise throughout the world (starts with a “C” and rhymes with “Barcelona Cyrus” to give you a hint), causing all students, workers, and large-scale gatherers alike – basically everybody – to do things remotely, and the fact that today’s Friday the 13th doesn’t make things that much better, but to brighten your day (at least somewhat), here are some bookish tweets that are guaranteed to put a smile on your face and even make you laugh! (Just don’t start coughing…)


The End Of The Innocence

You know when you’re reading and you come across the kindest character of the story and want to hold onto them forever and ever? Well, if you can relate to that part, surely you can to this…



Oh, why must the good die young? A question that basically every reader says to every writer out there who has enough nerve to kill off a pure-hearted character. Even Penguin Teen weighs in on this and lets us know that the sentiment is mutual, as PT singles out those responsible…



Hey, that’s YA for you: much like the classics in that the most true-blue of characters we need to have in our lives gets killed or corrupted – inwardly killed – by the end of the book/series.

To quote dear poet Robert Frost, “Nothing gold can stay.” But… gold really should.


A Lid for Every Jar

If you really put your heart and mind into it, there is someone out there for everyone, and I don’t just mean as a lover…



You know they’re made for each other when they complement each other, so much so that they would want nothing more than to kill each other for being so different. Now, that’s love!


Is There At Least One?

This may be similar to the tweet that was in my piece from the end of February, but while that one was in regards to a special portrait in the attic (still can’t find one in mine), this one is in regards to a certain skull that anyone would be lucky to have…



Try as I must to find that third thing somewhere in my house, even I can’t admit to having one, and the first two? Well again, with some variation, no one’s that perfect. Choice D, anyone?


Beware The Sign Of STOP!

Careful, Caesar, you’d better not win over the Roman public’s favor when you can’t in fact rule, lest you want to be befallen at the hands of your inferiors. Take this as a sign…



Ides of March, sign of STOP, grapes and raisins… what’s the big difference?


It’s A Metaphor

Not to bring you back to what’s happening in the world right now, but this should shed some light humor on things…



…just make sure that you don’t have someone in your home who’s a metaphor for death, all the while having people over, okay? Don’t forget to wash your hands!


(Fake) Death = The Solution To Everything?

Getting back to my previous final tweets piece from last month: you know how there was a tweet about Friar Laurence’s advice to Juliet after Romeo’s banishment? Well, to add onto that…



Pretty much any character in any Shakespeare has to be wary of any friar, lest they want to be dead for real. And who do you think is going to be there standing over their bodies? Exactly.


Learn From The Master

You want to learn how to survive in complete isolation, without any physical contact from people? Ask the introverts! Granted, it’s not that introverts as a whole hate people; on the contrary, introverts enjoy being around the right people and prefer to spend downtime in less stimulating places (e.g., reading in bedrooms instead of small-talking at parties), and as a heavily introverted person myself, I can contest to this. This is how we get a lot of our reading done!

However, in some cases, people have to be a lot more than just introverted to have a knack of avoiding people and outside contact altogether…



…yet in desperate times, life is way too short to start putting those kinds of labels on people like Boo (and Ice, I guess), so start taking notes on how to stay alive – by avoiding live bodies!

Good luck, be well, and hope that this Friday the 13th, as unlucky as it may be, doesn’t turn out to be the last. (I mean, St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner, so at this point, you have to choose your life goals very wisely and make them count by celebrating the small things.) And of course, don’t forget the most important thing (aside from washing your hands): READ! 


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