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Bookish Tweets For The Middle Of July, Chapter Two

Bookish Tweets For The Middle Of July, Chapter Two

Hello, my (ever so patient) bookish tweeters… Yes, yes: I know I haven’t done any bookish tweets in a long time, and I’m very behind, specifically by a week (of the tweets roundup). That is why this week’s piece will have tweets from the previous week, as was the case with the previous tweets piece, the title of which as you could probably guess by the title of this piece, I decided to add “Chapter One.” And you can’t have just one chapter without at least another one, so that’s why this one’s considered “Chapter Two”!

(Get it? Because of book chapters…? Well, I thought it was cute anyway.)

So, with that being said, let’s get down to business with these very long-overdue bookish tweets… or in other words, without further ado, let’s get on with “Chapter Two”!





Cake Sure Beats Salad!

Hate eating salad but trying to eat it anyway since it’s supposed to be healthy for you? I know that feeling… for pretty much all salads, except for one special salad, and it happens to be the one inspired by the very subject of this tweet! But what if you had not salad but cake instead?



Just watch: what may be inside isn’t really frosting but rather turns out to be – wait for it – Caesar salad dressing!

(Also, believe it or not, when I first saw this tweet, I didn’t really get it… until I caught myself on the latest meme vids, came across the ones where everything were made of cake, and then later went back to this tweet, and I totally got it… You know, maybe that’s why he had so many seizures: because of high blood sugar from all that sugar from the cake he was made up of!)


The Odyssey: Spoiler-Free Edition

And… welcome back to the “Spoiler-Free” tweets series where you are given just a few snapshots of the lit work you’re reading to get an idea of what you’re in store for without actually getting spoiled on anything specific! So this time around, we have the classic epic poem, The Odyssey, by Homer…



For when you get yourself through it (or the summary of it *wink*): the journey, much like the poem itself, does seem like an eternity, doesn’t it? And let’s just get this out into the open right now: the men don’t have to be literally turned into pigs by Circe to act like pigs… (Also, Penelope deserves so much better. #feminism)





Gone In 60 Seconds (Or Less)

Need a new identity and quickly after just ditching your old one? Turn to Dantès for help…



At least you won’t be tracked, like Dantès himself since you won’t be able to find him anywhere! Hey, the fewer tracks each persona you assume leaves, the better…



Shakespeare On Love

Yes, you read that right. You can pretty much pinpoint what he is trying to teach you within his plays, from logic to gender roles all the way to primogeniture (the idea of the eldest child in the family getting everything that the parents leave behind while the younger siblings get little next to nothing), so it shouldn’t come across as any surprise when I say that when it comes to love, he’s got it down mainly to these five things…



BTW, more than half of the five derive strictly out of Hamlet, so needless to say, there’s a whole lot of love to be shared in that work! (It is mainly driven by a son’s love for his father, after all.)


Stuck In Place

Don’t you just hate it when this happens to you when you’re reading in one place?



You thought I meant in one place within the book, didn’t you? Well, while that could happen (in my case, on multiple occasions), this one is far more common and should really be addressed more often. Imagine this: you just read through a really good part (or better yet, you just finished the book!) and so the reward you get for doing so is cramping legs and a stiff neck, as well as a reminder that you don’t live in that other world? Very disheartening, at best.





So The Siren Chooses

I’m sure you’ve experienced this at some point: of when you like someone, but then you realize that so does someone else (like that same someone, that is). And so you might try to outdo them, even by the tiniest bit…



…all the way to the largest bit. I don’t think anyone could beat that! If this has ever happened to you, exactly as I had described it, then you really are the chosen one…


Shakespeare: The Majorly Abridged Version

Ever wonder what any play by Shakespeare play would be like if he had only written much shorter versions of his plays in addition to the original folios of them? What would each one be like? Here’s just an example…



Well, that may be one way to look at it on a much smaller scale… (FYI: the list of potential works to be condensed excludes Macbeth, because the play itself is in fact a shorter version than what he had originally written, so we’re actually missing out on the full extent of what the short-changed playwright had in store for the characters and for us as the readers…)

Anyway, that’s it for this roundup of tweets, albeit under unusual circumstances, pushing this week’s tweets to next week… Also, speaking of that, since the next tweets piece will have the tweets meant for this week’s piece, be on the lookout for my very next piece at the very beginning of next week!

Until then, I’ll leave you with this magical and insightful tweeted message…



Remember to just say no! 




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