Bookish & Hygge Aesthetics for “National Cuddle Up Day”

Today is National Cuddle Up Day, and we’re celebrating with some bookish and hygge aesthetics. Grab a cozy sweater and a book and set up shop in your own at-home reading nook. Here’s a few ideas for inspiration!

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Hey book lovers!

We made it to the middle of the first week of the year, and if you’re starting to feel sleepy after getting back to work, why not take a little break to recharge? Today is National Cuddle Up Day, and we’re celebrating with some bookish and hygge aesthetics. Grab a cozy sweater and a book and set up shop in your own at-home reading nook. Here are a few ideas for inspiration!


Fill a chair with your favorite books




There’s nothing better than surrounding yourself with the things you love. And as book lovers, the things that bring us the most joy are books. Create a chair of solace by piling up your favorite comfort tomes to carry you through the day. No side tables? No problem. Stack some books to craft one of your own.


Organize your bookshelves



Sometimes, simply reorganizing your shelves can bring you all the peace and tranquillity you may be craving. What better way to surround yourself with your beloved books than to take them out one by one, reminisce on the good times you’ve had with them, lay them around you on the floor, pile them up by chosen category, and touch and maneuver them to where you want them to be. A book shelf is a built-in reading nook. Pull up a chair of fluffy pillow and the perfect backdrop is already there.


Add Some ambiance to an already bookish space



You don’t need a Princess Belle worthy library in order to have a copy reading nook. Even the most simple of shelves can create the coziest aesthetic when you have the right surrounding props. Whatever your personal style may be- whether bohemian, eclectic, classic or what have you- you can add a touch of your personality to an other wise bare space with things like warm fairy lights, patterns throws, plants, comfy chairs, and, of course, a view that brings in some natural light.



Create a Reading Space From a Closet



This one is for the crafty, Harry Potter cupboard loving, reading fanatics. Turn a simple closet into a reading nook for your child or yourself by adding some low shelves and a soft cushion. Dazzling up the bareback wall with some hanging lights, maybe some transparent curtains, and wall hangings for flair. Who would have thought that extra closet could be something so cool!


The Window seat reading nook



What bibliophile doesn’t yearn for their own window seat to relax in and get lost in a book. There’s something about sitting on the brink of our world, the edge of our home with the least space between you and nature staring at you through the window. And, there’s something about reading in a window, this connection to the outside world, that is just so bookish! Finding the perfect space for a reading window nook is not the easiest thing, but when you do eventually create one of your own, bring it to life with a comfy cushion and pillows, some flowering plants to be brought to life in the sunlight that illuminates the pages of your book, and a warm cup of tea.


Turn your bed Into a book nest



There’s nothing stopping you from this idea. You don’t need a fancy corner or window seat to be able to submerse yourself (quite literally) in your book collection. Get as comfortable as possible in your own fluffy sheets and surround yourself with a world of various reads. Everything you could want is at your fingertips. Could it get any easier or more satisfying than that?



READ AT your desk



If your desk is the most productive place for you to work, write and journal… maybe it would also be the perfect place to dive into some reading! Crafting the perfect work space can be so therapeutic; a miniature home of sorts, and this is just the vibe you want to have when reading. So, try it out! Add some personal wall decor, some blooming plants, and anything you feel inspired by.


make a reading tent



Shelter yourself in a bookish sanctuary by making a reading tent! Within these fabric walls, you can delve into story by day and watch movies by night. A reading tent can be the perfect way to create a home within your home that makes you feel as if you’re somewhere else entirely. Bring your childhood wonder back with a cozy book in this creative nook.


enjoy a warm beverage



Whatever way you choose to cuddle up with a book today, make sure you don’t forget the final touch: a warm cup of tea, coffee, or hot chocolate. Nothing says a job well done better than warming your hands and heart with a delicious beverage. Top it off with some whip cream and cinnamon if you like, and sit back and relax. You deserve it!

Cuddle up with a book and any of these great hygge ideas today!


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