Book Thieves All Steal the Same Books

For as long as there have been books, there have been book thieves. What may come as a surprise (or not) is that book theft tends to occur more frequently in certain genres. Vintage/Anchor Books recently set up a whole book-shelf dedicated to their most commonly stolen books. Many of them share a common theme of gritty, counter-cultural behavior. Ironic, no?


Courtesy of Vintage/Anchor Books

In book stores, the most commonly stolen books are written by Charles Bukowski or William S. Burroughs. On the Road by Jack Kerouac and The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald are also high on the list. We can only assume that there is something about the post-modern fringe sub-culture scene that encourages such behavior. Would anyone care to elaborate?

Why do people steal your books, Bukowski? Image courtesy of Rex Features 

Book thievery in libraries tend to be a bit different. For example, the two most frequently stolen books are The Guinness Book of World Records and The Bible. No irony is lost when considering the Bible’s 8th commandment is, “Thou shall not steal.” Other books stolen from libraries are Art books, Exam Prep Books, and Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Editions. 

Whether you are looking to fill up some space on your bookshelf or simply want the latest edition of World Records on your coffee table, do not steal a book! Buying books helps support authors who sacrifice a lot of time and effort to put something out there. If you appreciate good literature, or even the latest swimsuit models, pay the $10 to support your local bookstore and writer.

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