“Book Ripper” Vandalizes Hundreds of Books in UK

Once upon a time, Jack the Ripper terrorized the streets of London. Today, the infamous “Book Ripper” is terrorizing the shelves and libraries of Herne Bay bookshops in the UK.

The Guardian reports that a literary vandal has been consistently ripping pages in half in hundreds of books throughout second hand shops and libraries, and then returning them to their shelves.



Demelza charity executive Ryan Campbell reported that around a hundred books have been found with pages torn in half horizontally since April. Herne Bay Library reported similarly damaged books for over six months. Shops have found that their true crime book sections have been particularly vandalized. The elusive Book Ripper has quite the calling card.


Demelza store manager Nick Rogers | Image via KentOnline


Campbell elaborated that the damage extends beyond just regular customer sales for the charity, “Of course people donate these books towards the care of children with terminal illness so it’s almost like taking the collection box.”

Campbell also explained that the damage has increased over the last few weeks to “quite a few” copies a week. While signs have been put up throughout the town, and the police have been notified, there are still no leads.

Hold your books close, friends. Do not take them for granted. I know that if I woke up to find my precious comic book collection or my vintage copy Of Mice and Men ripped in half, I would cry.


Featured Image via The Guardian