Book of the Week: The Fever by Megan Abbott

In Megan Abbott’s The Fever, the panic unleashed by a mysterious contagion threatens the bonds of family and community in a seemingly idyllic suburban community.

Here’s what TheReadingRoom community has been saying:

bbbgtoby’s review


The Fever marks another turn in the evolution of this wonderful writer. No longer content to immerse her readers in the seething pool of teen girl hormones and politics, her cutting insight is extended to teen boys and grown men, and in a manner similar to Thomas Vinterberg’s ‘little girl who cried wolf’ movie Jagten, the mob mentality of closed communities.”

4.5 Stars

MishF’s review


“I absolutely loved what Abbott did with this book and her writing style. Her voice, characteristic and thoughts of her adolescent sounds authentic. She took hold of a typical teenage drama, and escalated it into something alarming.”

4 Stars

knowledgelost’s review


The Fever is a compelling noir that exposes the secrets that might be hiding in a suburban community. The Fever is a dark and chilling story that explores the ideas of desire, guilt and secrets. [It] has everything you expect from a Megan Abbott novel; it is deliciously dark and sinister, it packs a huge punch and in the end you are left contemplating life.”

4 Stars

Shelleyrae’s review


“There is not a lot of overt action in The Fever, much of the truth of this story lies just under the surface of what is happening. I thought the pacing was superb, nurturing an increasing sense of unease as the story unfolds. The ‘fever’, we eventually learn, is a symptom – of the confusion and angst of female adolescence, of damaged families, and cultural fears – masterfully explored by Megan Abbott. A darkly compelling novel, The Fever is an intriguing mystery and mesmerizing psychological study.”

4 StarsRemember, if you’ve read The Fever you can write your review here. We’d love to hear from you.

Simon McDonald, Editorial Manager