Book-ify All Your Best Memories

John Green once wrote: “The town was paper, but the memories were not.” We aren’t usually in the market of arguing with literary hero Green, but this time, he’s wrong.

Some of the biggest moments of our lives are threaded with the mundane. Like an informational overload, it can be hard to know in the moment what we’ll want to remember forever. Especially with so much of our lives lived online, the big announcements, the happy tears, the remembrance of a lost loved one, a lot of these moments are experienced digitally.


Image via Keepster


There is, however, a way for you to make these memories tangible , and keep them with you forever. In the most Bookstr-approved way, too! With Keepster, you can book-ify all of these memories. Go through your phone, and pick out all of the texts and photos and good morning messages that mean the most to you. Whether you want to keep a physical record of the texts your grandparents sent you, or make a collection of baby’s firsts, you can do it with Keepster.

The wonderful thing about Keepster books is that they make the perfect gift for all seasons of life, all sorts of moments. It could be a happy memory, or a keepsake when someone has passed, Keepster embraces the arc of life. Plus, this is a gift that is good for one and good for a crowd – why not make it a series?


Image via Keepster


So what is it? Keepster is an app and printing service that allows you to organize and sort years of messages across multiple platforms into folders, or ‘Keepsters’. Once you have downloaded the app (totally free) and selected favorite texts and pics to place in a digital folder (also totally free) you have the option of making these folders into books! (with an exclusive 25% off).

Keepster Books are beautiful and one-of-a-kind creations that make such a meaningful and heartfelt gift. You can immortalize the last texts from a lost loved one. You can gift the whole family a recap of your group chat’s greatest hits. You can have all of your new nephew’s baby photos in one place, planning well in advance for a cute (and mortifying if you do it right) 18th birthday present!


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The creative liberty is all yours. With covers, design, and font options aplenty, you can choose how you want your finished book to look. No matter what you choose, you’re destined to have a gorgeous book. I know we’re barely over Halloween, but Thanksgiving turkeys are defrosting as we speak, and the holiday season is approaching. Get ahead of the game and have your thoughtful, personalized gifts ready to go.

Keep your best memories in one place, the best place: a book.

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Feature image via Keepster