Book Giveaway: ‘The Alienation of Courtney Hoffman’

Sponsored by: Brady Stefani

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Book Description:

There’s something frighteningly different about Courtney—and it’s not just the mysterious tattoo her conspiracy-obsessed grandfather marked her with before he disappeared. She’s being visited in her bedroom at night by aliens who claim to have shared an alliance with her grandfather. And imaginary or not, the aliens are not only trying to recruit her, but they’re starting to take over her mind. “Mental illness is a slippery slope,” her mother warns her.  

Obviously, the last thing Courtney wants to do is end up crazy and dead like her grandfather did. But what about her mysterious tattoo? And her alien-conspiracy-savvy friend, Agatha’s apocalyptic visions? In a fight for her sanity, Courtney begins connecting the dots between the past, present and future—of her bloodline, and the ancient history that surrounds it. Maybe she’s not mentally ill like her family claims her grandfather was. Maybe she’s actually a “chosen one” with ancestral connections to another world, and the ability to close the wormhole? Either way, Courtney has a mission: untangle her past, discover the truth, and stop the apocalypse before the universe explodes in flames.