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Book Drive Garners Almost 2,000 Donations for Jail Inmates

In Rock County, Wisconsin a book drive is underway to collect books for inmates at the Rock County Jail. They’ve currently collected over 1,700 books, with over fifty people contributing to the drive. Major proceeds for the book drive have been funded by the inmates themselves and the sheriff’s office.



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The goal is to help provide a better environment for prison staffers as well as helping to rehabilitate and prepare the inmates for their eventual release and re-assimilation into society. Some of the books deal in parenting, spiritual and religious guidance, and various self-help practices. The sheriff’s office recently put out an appeal to citizens to donate books since the jail’s current library was outdated and its books were in poor condition. 


The jail is only accepting softcover books, as many other varieties could potentially cause liabilities for the jail and its inmates. For instance, magazines contain staples which can be used to create stick-and-poke tattoos which cause infection and hardcover books are too difficult to search for forbidden items, as well as the fact that searching these books could likely cause damage to the book itself. Any hardcover book donations are being sent to second-hand bookshops where they are likely to find other well-suited homes.



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It’s certainly nice to witness humanity’s good nature bestowing the gift of reading to those who do not currently have access to outside world!




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