Book Club Discusses Coates and Racial Inequality

As Gaby and Adam talk about the first 72 pages of Coates’s book, Between the World and Me, they are joined by Bookstr writing intern, Will, and Bookstr’s Sales Manager, Epiphany. The larger group allowed for a wider range of perspectives on what we read. Our discussion included black lives matter, Howard University, and a whole host of issues surrounding being black in America.

All of the opinions stated in the podcast are not the officially opinion of Bookstr. We are simply expressing our own opinions on recent events and how they relate to Coates’s book. We encourage you to read along with us and form your own opinions on the subject. Share your thoughts with us!


Featured image courtesy of BBC. If you are interested in the story from the image, “Baton Rouge killing: Black Lives Matter protest photo hailed as ‘legendary’, click on this link