Book Censorship In Iowa Schools?

More than a dozen parents in Dubuque, Iowa complained to their local school board about the contents of a book from their children’s curriculum. Apparently, the sex scene in The Perks of Being a Wallflower took many by surprise. That, along with portrayal of drug and alcohol consumption, have concerned citizens calling for a reevaluation of the book’s literary value. Officials in Dubuque have expressed willingness to adjust book policy in light of complaints.   






I believe the ability of literature to embody the whole of human experience is part of what makes it so special, and we should allow students to deal with both the positive and negative aspects of the world in books. They could allow for valuable lessons to be learned and help students understand certain problems. Perhaps parents in Dubuque are worried these portrayals glorify what they see as questionable acts. What do you think? Should this be an issue?


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