‘Book Bus’ Owner Donates Profits to Low Income Schools

Melanie Moore runs a bookstore out of the back of an old cherry farm truck and donates some of her profits and books to school libraries.

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Aspiring Cincinnati bookseller Melanie Moore was daunted by the thought of opening her own brick-and-mortar bookstore until she came to an important realization: Not every bookstore needs to be built from the ground-up, and they certainly don’t have to stay parked in the same place. So Moore took a leap of faith with her husband’s vintage cherry farm pick-up truck and converted it into a rolling book stall. The VW truck, which now transports crates full of well loved books rather than fresh-picked cherries, is a welcome sight to students and families out on the street in Cincinnati.

The Book Bus offers pedestrians and market-goers an intensely personal and intimate bookselling experience, mostly because the truck selection consists of books which the owner has already read, books she purchased while traveling, or both — so she has something to share about each item for sale. Moore once attended a five-day bookselling bootcamp, according to CityBeat, because she wants to operate the Book Bus efficiently and professionally, even if the whole setup oozes a warm-and-fuzzy vibe. She knows all about the books she has for sale in the truck and can talk shop as well as any other vendor at a bazaar.


Via City Beat


Moore spent twenty-five years in education and now brings the “pop-up” truck to fairs and festivals, flea markets and parades. A 60’s-styled farm-to-table mood suits Moore’s aesthetic purposes, but she also operated helpful social media pages so prospective and returning customers can keep an eye on the truck’s whereabouts from their phones. (Be sure to follow her @CincyBookBus on Instagram and Facebook.)

The best part?

Moore donates part of her profits and supplies to local schools, especially those with a majority of students from low-income families. On May 16th, the Book Bus posted a picture on Instagram whose caption reads “Because of your support and purchases made on The Book Bus, this third grade class at LEAP Academy has a brand new classroom library!”



Featured Image Via Cincinnati Refined.