Book and You: A Love Story

Wake up, say good morning to your book. Kiss your book on the cover. Tell your book you wish you could read it now, but you’ll be back soon, and you promise to read it later.

Think about your book all day. How grateful you are to have it in your life. How it gets you through the tough days, and how it’s the only thing keeping you going. 

Go to bookstore. Browse books, but keep in mind the book that has your heart. Remind yourself again how lucky you are to have book in your life, and how you will miss it when it leaves. Succumb to temptation and buy another. You don’t have to tell book, though. Book doesn’t have to know. As long as you finish it first, then what harm can be done?

You cheat on book, and it’s invigorating. You reprimand your addiction to the beginnings of books, and lament your sheer inability to just commit to ONE book. You always do this. Chase whatever’s new, and ignore what’s in front of you. Shouldn’t one be enough? You ask yourself. You stop yourself after one chapter. 

Go home, hide side-book from main-book. Make sure it’s smell hasn’t stuck to you. Sit down with main-book. Kiss it hello. Act natural. 

Something’s wrong. You just aren’t connecting with book like you used to. Something’s changed. Does book know? Of course not. It’s made of paper. But the guilt is overwhelming. You decide to cut your losses. You slide your bookmark in, and it’s one of most difficult things you’ve ever had to do. But it’s for the best. You promise that one day you and book can pick up where you left off. It’s painful, but you have to see where life with side-book will take you. You put book back on the shelf, with the pages facing out. 

You embrace side-book, swear it’s the only book. No, the other book is out of the picture. That’s ancient history. It’s over. You can’t wait to see what’s in store for you and new book. 

But it isn’t right. You start to miss old book. New book was fresh and exciting, but you long for the familiarity of old book. Sure, old book wasn’t perfect, but you two really KNEW each other, didn’t you? You don’t understand new book. You don’t know how to cope with its flaws. Maybe old book really was the book for you. 

After much deliberation, you plead with old book to take you back. It was a dark time for you, and you didn’t have your priorities straight. You’re a different person now, and you’re ready to take the leap with book. Book takes you back. It always does. Because it’s kind and forgiving, and also, has no free will, so it has to. 


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