Bob Dylan’s Best Friend Louie Kemp Writing Memoir

Bob Dylan is one of the most legendary folk singers ever, with many iconic songs and albums that are still revered today. Through all of his concerts and life changes, one person stood by his side: his best friend Louie Kemp. The relationship between Kemp and Dylan will be explored in Kemp’s new memoir.

Dylan and Me: 50 Years of Adventures offers an intimate look at the relationship between Kemp and Dylan through Kemp’s perspective. Since meeting in 1953, Kemp kept a tight bond with Dylan both before and after he achieved stardom. The book recounts many different moments in Kemp and Dylan’s life as the latter becomes a big star.


Image Via Rolling Stone


One of these moments was the Rolling Thunder Revue, a concert tour which Kemp was a producer on. A large focus of the book is Kemp planning the famous concert, as well as deciding which songs can be filmed an archived.

But Kemp promises that the book will primarily focus on Dylan:


“This book shows you Dylan’s down-to-earth side. To me, he has always been Bobby Zimmerman and these are all Bobby Zimmerman stories. Bob Dylan is his commercial side. I wanted to show a totally different perspective on him than anyone has ever heard before.”


Kemp’s memoir will release on August 15th.



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