Black-Owned Bookstores Experiencing Increase in Sales

Now, more than ever, black-owned bookstores are experiencing a huge increase in book sales. With the current state of the world, and events such as the pandemic and the recent intensification of the Black Lives Matter movement, people are now using this time to educate themselves on the history of the black community. Bookstores in many different states are working all day answering phone calls and packaging orders for delivery.


Image via QZ
One store in Los Angeles, Eso Won Books, hosted celebrities like President Obama, Clinton, and Muhammad Ali. They even held a book signing last year for Ibram X. Kendi’s novel, How to be an Antiracist. The book only sold about 40 copies and a few more, but in the past few weeks that book alone sold over 500 copies. James Fugate and Tom Hamilton are the owners of this store and they fill over a hundred orders a day now. The business is great but this store and many other black owned bookstores are afraid that once the current spike in conversation about race decreases, their sales will too.
The point of the Black Lives Matter movement is to start a conversation and defend the lives of black people that are being targeted by the police simply because of the color of their skin. It’s something that’s not supposed to trend, it’s supposed to be ongoing until justice is served. The wrongful murder of George Floyd is what most recently sparked everyones attention. According to co-owner of Good Books in Atlanta, Katie Mitchell, she would rather have George Floyd alive than an uptake in book sales. She’s wanted the store to get lots of attention prior to Floyd’s death, and now she’s uncertain of how she feels. She appreciates the business but this tragic death shouldn’t be the reason why her sales have increased.
People want to educate themselves and that’s great, but let’s hope that this isn’t just a trend. That this will continue; the protests, the sales, and the fight for a better world.
Featured Image via Fox11LosAngeles